Things I learned about tantrums...

Mason had a tantrum last week that was actually a little scary at times. I mean, he went all exorcist on me...and I know you are wondering why, well it was because I deprived him of childhood fun wouldn't let him take a toy to daycare. I am not one to handle stressful situations very well...and unfortunately nervous laughter usually erupts at some point. Well this happened, and it made things worse...wayyyy worse.

All ended well with him earning a trip to the daycare office and me storming out of there like a bat out of hell but by the end of the day he was back to his normal self...though I thought I may have seen his head spin right around in complete circles 2-3 times and he had this strange deep voice...

In all honesty though, he is a very good kid, these temper tantrums are few and far between, but this one was just so intense. It was on my mind all day long, so I jotted down a few things I learned about my child the creeper through these tantrums:

  • It is not okay to find screaming and arm flailing hysterical. The laughing makes "the creeper" angrier and more likely to punch you.
  • Promising to ground a creeper forever is not going to stop him from punching you.
  • Believe it or not, a punch from an angry creeper can actually hurt, even through a winter coat - or at least he likes to think so.
  • Screaming as loud as you possibly can probably will wake up the entire neighbourhood and in turn, they will probably glare at you through open curtains. Just sayin.
  • A creeper in mid-tantrum will take any chance he can get to make you look like a child abductor all the way to the bus stop - including screaming "let me go" and "I want my mommy" at the top of his lungs. Umm..he's mine...I swear, just look at the resemblance...

  • Getting to the bus stop will take four times longer when the person you are reluctantly dragging behind you will break free and run back home 3-4 times.
  • Getting a screaming, flailing creeper on a bus is not as bad as you think - it's getting him off the bus where the problem lies. Twenty pairs of glaring eyes on you as he grabs on to each and every grab bar on the way out the bus door...which also has a grab bar on it. Why the hell are there so many grab bars on a bus at times like these???
  • Washing the footprint off your black dress pants where the creeper kicked you is not as easy as you may think. That foot print stayed on my leg all day long and was pointed out to me about 325 times. Thanks creeper.
  • That creepers will throw a fit in the middle of the busiest street in London as you are crossing. Nice almost worked...whatever you were trying to accomplish that is - if your goal was getting us squashed under a Mack truck.
  • Angry creepers who were dragged off the road will chase you to punch you again...which is a good tactic to get him to chase you right into the daycare. Worked like a charm.
  • Daycare directors are pretty good at distracting angry creepers with the temptation of office work (ooooh).
  • Angry creepers do, in fact, miss their Mamas when they leave and will cling to their leg which leaves Mamas confused because angry creeper just spent the last 30 minutes trying to punch her. Almost made her want to punch the creeper back at that moment and wondered if creeper was up to something.
  • Creeper just wanted mom, mom just wanted to go to work...but mom couldn't spend the whole day without calling to check on the creeper - who was happily playing trains and fighting with his classmates.
  • Angry creeper turned back into Mason when I picked him up at daycare. Goodbye creeper!

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  1. I just laughed out loud!! I remember those days!!!

    ps. I have always wondered what your blog name means???

  2. I hate to say this...but it's all downhill from here.


  3. It better not be all downhill from here!! That was one of the worst tantrums he has ever had...and I can't really remember the one that was worst than that so maybe that doesn't even count?? hahaha ;)

    The blog name really isn't all that special! I was just looking for someting that would roll off my tongue and had some sort of meaning behind it. Truth is, it is all based on my favourite username!!

    Basically my username (way back in IRC days) was Mfluder (X-files/David Duchovny fans anyone? lol). Then I changed it to flu and was sick and tired of people asking if I was sick all the I changed it to fluflu. Thennnn I grew up and became bitter so I changed it to evilflu and it stuck. So basically I guess it all boils down to my experiences written down...pretty boring title actually!! ;)

  4. I have two, and some days I just want to pull my hair out.