Public Service Announcement...

Dear horny teenagers,

Please note....

If you see a house like this in the dark scary forest at Crystal Lake:

(PS - Buddy should start locking his door when he goes out on a killing rampage)...

Do not enter it!

Also if you see a man like this:

and he is chasing you like this:

It is not a good idea to offer him a hockey stick to go with his outfit.

...and also it is not a good idea to go back to his house to look at this (for the second time):

Especially when you saw him dragging dead bodies there just a few hours earlier.

It is very dumb and it will make you look like this:

It is also not a good idea to go skinny dipping in Crystal Lake:

Especially when Jason apparently took up some archery lessons sometime in the past 5 years.

Also please note that a man who has his mom's skeleton head in a hole in his wall is not date-able...even if you like the big creepy mysterious ones.

(OMG do you guys remember this game??? SCAAAARY!!)
From your friend,

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  1. Hehe oh man I HATED that game. I could never figure out what to do or why Jason would show up in random cabins.

  2. OMG YES!!! I think that game had a lot to do with my childhood anxiety...stupidest game ever...but man that picture really made me wanna play old Nintendo really bad!! ;)