One Minute Writer: February 24, 2009

You've just won an Academy Award. What will you say in your acceptance speech?

I would just like to thank the academy (who are those guys anyway?) and the person who let me be in a movie and the people who put up with me probably flubbing my lines on a daily basis. I want to thank my son, Mason for being the best kid ever *wave to the camera, cry and blow kisses*.

After that I will walk off the stage but go the wrong way so those strange people that stand in the background have to assist me off the stage. After all that I might just go and make out with Ryan Seacrest or something because I would have to drink at least 5 fishbowl drinks before I would get the nerve to get up on that stage.

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Hello..this is my blog. I bought this fancy theme and I don't know what to write here just yet. Maybe one day remind me I have to write something inspiring here?


  1. you are so silly! I love this!

  2. LOL! I'd have to be swimming in a lake of wine to be able to deliver in kind of speech!