My new love...

Mon Cherie,
I dream about you all day long. I tremble in anticipation just thinking of grasping your firm wheel and driving (probably not that well, mind you) all over with the wind through my hair (when the weather is nicer of course) and music playing on your super-hot CD system I saw you were packin. You are so beautiful, so shiny and you seem to have a permanent smile etched into your hood.
Alas, people say we shouldn't be together. You see, they tell me you will break my heart (or my head off in an accident- just sayin') and that your maintenance costs will kill me. I battle with myself everyday about this. I really like my head, and I do kind of need it...two people said it would fall and grandma (either they rehearsed that or they know something I don't). Not to mention you do cost a pretty penny, and the man who is selling you seems to be a little shady - it was the Sopranos poster in his office that kind of turned me off.
But what to do...I can't stop thinking about you. I dream about you and even though I have never driven you, I think about it all the time. I just can't picture myself with another car...oh how I love you and I would even give you a pretty name if you were mine....oh the indecision!!

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