Meet Junior...

Junior...or maybe it's JR (as in Who Shot JR?). Anyway he's been officially dubbed Junior now so I guess that's his name. As I was saying, this little guy joined our family a week ago (tomorrow). A lovely girl that I work with gave him to Mason as a pet, which was insanely nice of her since he came with the whole aisle of PetSmart. Seriously, this little guy even uses a litter box...AND it has a litter scooper.

Plus his cage should be on Cribs...I swear! It's like a hamster mansion! Let's go over the details shall we? Our main foyer has a beautiful soft aspen bedding, a spectacular food dish and a remarkable salt lick. In the back left corner you will find the washroom, but feel free to poop wherever since the bedding will take care of all that mess for you when your owner comes and cleans it all up each weekend. To the right you will find the twisty slide that leads up to your built in hamster ball (oh yes) and to the left is the tunnel up to your hideout. Follow the tubes on your right to go down to the second level of your crib **look in mah fridgeeeeee**. You will find a hanging hamster hut, a loud plastic wheel that drives your owner batty at 3am and a plastic igloo..oh and let's not forget the big wooden log that looks like a tu--, *ahem* as I was saying, his cage is something to be envious of.

Mason is obsessed with this creature...well he was until this creature decided to bite him. You see the first time he bit him, Mason thought it was hilarious because he bit his nail. The second time was because he smelled like Rocky Road Granola Bar and Junior was craving some Rocky Road! I'm trying to explain that it was all an unfortunate accident, but Mason is a little peeved. He thought they were best buds. I'm sure he'll come around.

Until then, Junior and I have become best buds. Sure he's furry and wakes me up at 3am, but he is way cool when he shoves 4 big peanuts in his cheeks. I bet if he were a human he would drink a lot of beer and show off his food-storing cheeks. Okay, maybe not but you've gotta see this guy shove peanut foods in his's amazing!!

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  1. I only hope you haven't been given a pregnant FEMALE unknowingly.

    That happened to my parents when I was a child and before we knew it we had a brood of little ones that could manage to escape between the confines of the cage rungs (I kid you not). They were everywhere... the bookshelf, under the stove, in the back of the old floor model TV....etc, etc, etc.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. That did happen once!! My friends hamster and my hamster had a "sleepover party". Grossest thing though, my hamster ate the babies and they were wiggling around in her cheeks...saddest thing ever :(

  3. If that little dude kept waking me up at 3:00am I think I would kick him out. He is cute though.

  4. I love hamsters, he is so cute! I used to have one that liked to chew on his cage at 3 in morning.