Keep Your Germs To Yourself: How To Avoid The Flu Bug

I should have gotten that flu shot. You know, the one I made Mason get but I skipped out on because I'm a big huge chicken who is afraid of needles.

This is how I felt for an entire week (...and still it's off and on):

Here are a few pointers to help you stay clean from the flu bug:

  1. If you get the vaccine, it is recommended you get it before the holiday season (October/early November). During the holidays it is probably a definite thing to get smooched all over by your old Aunt Maude - unless she's crotchity, then not so much. Even still, think of all the contact you will be having during this time of year - best to get vaccinated before you visit with family/friends.
  2. Hands Off! Don't touch your eyes, inner nose (for all you nose pickers out there!) or bite your nails. Those are some sure ways to allow the flu bug access into your system as these are the main routes the virus takes to enter your system. For the record - I did not get the flu from picking my nose....thank you very much :P
  3. Disinfect shared surfaces. Doorknobs, telephones, keyboards etc. These all can become contaminated very easily so disinfect regularly to avoid flu bugs.
  4. Use a good hand washing technique. Rub your hands together for at least 15 seconds, producing a good lather. Scrub in between your fingers, take off your rings, clean under your fingernails and even the back of your hand and up your wrist. For children, or adults who like to have fun, singing a song such as "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" will help you to time your hand washing - Adults, make sure you sing it to yourself, especially in public washrooms so people don't think you're crazy.
  5. An apple a day...well not really, but keeping yourself healthy will help your immune system to stay strong which in turn helps to keep the flu bugs away.

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  1. I do all that stuff and I still get sick, every year!

  2. Im constantly wiping down grocery carts and everything but it never fails we wind up sick at some point!