Hearing Test

See, I knew he could physically hear me... He just chooses not to listen. My diagnosis? Boy-itis. It's a common disease found only in the male species. Symptoms are 1) listener acts invisible to avoid cleaning his room or putting down the Nintendo DS
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Hello..this is my blog. I bought this fancy theme and I don't know what to write here just yet. Maybe one day remind me I have to write something inspiring here?


  1. Wow I'm the first! I've never had sons, just daughters ~ so I don't have any experience there, just with a DH. So your theory is probably true. But I think it's inherent in females too, that in preparation for being a girlfriend/wife, etc. they have the ability to tune things out at quite an early age.

  2. my parents had my brother's hearing tested for the same reason, when he was about your son's age - results came back that he had exceptionally good hearing, he just didn't listen!

  3. LOL OMG and the testing was INTENSE!! You have to go into this little bomb shelterish room with the door shut and my ears popped because the lady shut the door so fast...I'm not sure if that was why but they did. Then she asked him to press a button everytime he heard a beep and little old pessimistic me was like...nope...he won't do that, but he did..it was wild!

  4. Well you know that they are going to listen to everyone but us. Glad he passed.