Coming Soon To A Road Near You...

I am a bad driver. There I said it. I wouldn't say I'm bad as in neglectful, because I do drive with my hands at 10 and 2 (wait is that where they are supposed to go?) and I watch the road like an eagle, but I'm just so nervous I make stupid mistakes. Although nobody has beeped at me or given me the finger yet so that's good right?

I've been doing the lessons, and they have been *gulp* okay. Like the one lesson where I forgot how to turn the car so it stays on the right side of the road. The lesson the other day was interesting, the one where I hit the patch of ice and I said it was the instructor's fault that the car almost turned completely around...

Me: What happened?
Him: The road is icy!
Me: Yeah but why?
Him: Because it snowed and nobody has driven down this street yet?
Me: Well then why are we driving down it? I'm never going to drive down this street ever again.
Him: How do you know that?
Me: Because I hate this street.

Unfortunately, I forget where this street is located so if you are in London and your car spins around like a skater at the ice capades, please let me know where that was because I totally forget. I really don't think he took me seriously. I have no need to go down that icy street...ever again!

Driving is a whole new thing to me, I never wanted to drive because I grew up driving in cars with crazy people *ahem* parents *ahem* and I never wanted to be followed home by anyone like them. Not to mention I didn't need to drive. The problem now is that I have to pay for Mason to ride the bus - and I'm a cheapskate so that just doesn't fly with me anymore.

I had a lesson on Wednesday and I thought it went pretty well. I did a proper turn...oh like 3/5 times (which I thought was pretty cool!) and I did a complete stop each time and I almost felt ready to take my road test so I asked the instructor to book it for the begining of March - and he kind of laughed a bit and said nervously "well I could, but do you think you could practice driving a bit more first". I kind of laughed it off, but I was hurt!! Maybe this just isn't something I can be good at - but he does state a good point. I have only driven in a car for 8 hours in my whole entire life. Those 8 hours are a week apart each so I kind of forget things and I could really get more comfortable behind the wheel if I practiced a bit more consistently.

SO I am buying my I know you think I'm crazy - I mean I just said I can't drive. Some of you may even be e-mailing me right now asking what times I plan to drive on the road - but honestly I am going to do my best not to run over/into 1)People 2) Dogs 3) Wild Animals. Squirrels are free game. Just kidding!! I honestly think this is the only way I can get good at this...and it's scary as all heck and you guys are going to miss all my characters of the bus - but this is what needs to be done.

I went and had a lunch affair with my new car yesterday (to be named soon) and was so much fun!! My friend test drove it for me (apparently drivers who suck like me or who are drooling like a Basset Hound are not allowed behind the wheel). We had lots of fun cruising around. When we drove up beside another Beetle I kind of had a little dilemma. I wondered if there was some Beetle club where the owners wave to each other or punch the person beside them or something. Since I just met this girl who I went with and we have to work with each other everyday I decided to go for the wave...unfortunately the other people were Beetle snobs and didn't wave back. I just made up that Beetle Club thing...if there really is one please let me know!

...I leave you now with e-mail that was sent around the office about me the other day. The girl swears it wasn't about me, but it also happened to be sent on the day I went driving and made the car go spinning around.

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  1. Holy crap... I am getting off the road!! and the sidewalks!! lol!

  2. I'm sorry I did laugh just a little bit. It reminded me of the first time my mom let me drive. We were going down a gravel road and I hit the brakes a little to hard and the car did a 360. I swore I would never drive again.

  3. Good luck on your driving test. I love beetles, cute little cars! I almost bought one once, but first gear was a little tricky. =)

  4. I'm getting a bit better...still really bad at driving though. I decided it would be a good idea to e-mail this video to my driving instructor so he can compare me to them and realize I'm not *that* bad.