Why I Cannot Live Without My iPhone...

I never really wanted one, I didn't really care and I didn't know anything about them...until the hype started. You know the one where Rogers announced the iPhone was coming to Canada, then I was all on it. I needed a new phone anyways since my pink Razr had crapped out a few weeks before the iPhone's release...they owed me an upgrade so why not?

Now that I've had it for a few months, I've realized something. I cannot live without my phone. It is like a permanent fixture of my brain. If I forgot it at home one day I would either die or not be able to find my way home because my brain is incapable of thinking.

I'm serious, I could very easily call this phone a part of my brain now because now when someone asks me a dumb and random question, I stand there, pull up Google and type it in. There is no thought in it, it's like an immediate reaction. It's like "What do you want to eat for dinner?" to which I reply "Hang on, I'm just Googling it now".

So without further ado, here are a few reasons I have come up with (with the help of my iPhone) as to why I cannot live without my phone...

1) To be able to blog from where ever I may roam. Whether that be a public washroom, my bed, my desk, my kitchen counter, my basement, on top of my washer, at a restaurant, at a bar, ON THE BUS, from a park bench...you get the idea. Although the typing is still a little bit hard for me and some words come out to be pretty awkward when the phone corrects them for me. I type fuch a lot. What exactly is fuch? Although I'm not entirely sure that is a correction..I think I just hit the H key a lot...yeaaahh.

2) To keep in touch with my mother. Seriously though, we do not communicate...ever. 98% of our conversations are in text message format. We just don't talk. Nothing to say I guess. On the rare occasion that we do catch each other on the phone, the conversation goes a little something like this:
Me: Hi...what are you doing?
Mom: Wanting to kill someone who cut me off on ____ (street name) today
Me: Ok..have fun...bye.


Me: Are you at work?
Mom: Yes, bunch of a**holes here..do you know what they did/said?

3) To meet the exact people that I blog about on the bus. I pull out my phone and all of a sudden everybody has something to say. Like the one time the serial killer man talked to me. The first time I saw this guy, something about him reminded me of Rob Zombie in House of 10,000 Corpses. So everytime he came on the bus I thought...oh there's Rob. Rob actually became one of my main characters and I actually liked Rob after a while...even though he never said anything. I think in all reality I was just afraid of Rob but I thought by not shuddering at his presence that if he did go crazy and kill everybody he might show some sympathy for me.

Anyway.."Rob" comes on the bus one day and sits behind me. I had out my phone and was doing some weird thing with it when I heard the voice...
Rob: Hey is that one of them new iPhones there?
Me: Ye..ye...yes.
Rob: You know what they say about those things eh? If the cops are looking for you they would easily track you down because it has GPS in it. Satellites and shit follow that phone around.
Me: You don't say *ring bus stop* well here's my stop...bye!

Did I ever mention I'm a good people reader. Did I also mention that I haven't seen Rob since that day? Maybe he went and got himself an iPhone and the satellites got him. Who knows but that was definitely Creepfest 2008.

4)To watch this video whenever I want.....*sigh*

5) To Google answers to the burning questions I need to know right away...some examples may be:
-Why is my pee cloudy today?
-Why do I have ripples in my fingernails?
-How to cure an ingrown toenail?
-How do I get blood out of the carpet ("Rob" asked me to Google that one...kidding!!)
-How to get rid of a re-occurring pimple...

Oh and the list goes on...

6) To be able to Twitter about every little thing I see and do all day long. Especially on the bus. If I waited to "Tweet" about these things later, I would most likely forget and the excitement would be long gone so I would probably just be too lazy and not bother to Tweet about it at all. My Twitter life depends on my iPhone.

7) To check on my Facebook people whenever I feel like it, from wherever I feel like it (see above).

8) To make To-Do lists that I will never follow through on.

9) To pull up a map anywhere I am and pinpoint exactly where I am going so I don't get lost. This would have helped me the time I got lost in the woods for like 45 minutes and I thought the cougar was going to get me.

10) To take pictures of funny things I see on the bus.

This is iPhone love I tell ya. I just can't live without this thing!

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  1. I've been resisting an iPhone for so long, but you're almost convincing me to give in.

  2. They are pretty great! I absolutely depend on mine...which could actually be a bad thing!! ;)