Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Unless You Want To Pee Your Pants...

Then I suggest not going to http://www.theunborn.net/. Everytime the preview of this movie (which opens on January 9) comes on TV I just about have a heart attack. I immediately have to cover my eyes or change the channel to get these creepy images out of my head....I can't remember a movie preview scaring me so badly since The Grudge.

As if that wasn't bad enough, I had a mild heart attack on the web site when I was playing around with these picture thingys that are suposed to be real and show this ghost in it....I HATE THAT SITE!! *cries*

For the record, I will never watch this movie...are you kidding me? I have enough mental problems, let's not add to that!! ;)

Srsly though, I am such a dedicated blogger that, just for you guys, I went to that above-mentioned site just to find a picture of that creepy upside-down-head-man who climbs up the stairs like a crab *shudder*. Unfortunately I could not find the picture in a saveable format, but I did find this movie....and for some reason I am in it at the end...huh...go figure?? ;)

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