That would be my big toe all bandaged up and yes that is blood seeping through the bandage. I didn't plan on having half my toenail cut off today. In fact, it all started with a call to the doctor's office. You see, I've had this nagging ingrown toenail since my trip and this thing has been causing me pain every single day. It became infected while we were on our trip and I left it for a month - a whole month of infected toe...eww!

After a weekend of pain and thoughts of toe amputations gave me the kick in the arse I needed to go see the doctor. I called this morning and begged for an appointment. I assumed this would be an appointment to get some cream or set-up a surgery or something (I've had two ingrown toenail surgeries in the a hospital with real life surgeons and staying out of school for a week) but no...the doctor took off half my toenail right in his office.

He took one look at my disgusting toe and said it needed to come out now...I was like okay just refer me to the hospital...but no when he said now, he wasn't kidding. Now as in...lay back and let me shove needles in your toe to freeze it and then cut off half your won't hurt...because it's frozen but when the freezing wears off you're going to feel like punching someone...well something along those lines anyway.

So now I'm couch-ridden...with nothing on TV and nothing to do but watch some Youtube videos...oh and write some birthday invitations. I'm throwing myself a pity party now.

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  1. ow!! that looks and sounds painful!

  2. I'm close enough to you, that I could almost kick you in the arse for not getting it looked at sooner...LOL

  3. OMG I know!! It was so bad for a month...A MONTH!!! It started when I was on my trip. I didn't want to see a doctor then because it was too much trouble with my travel benefits etc...

    Then I got home and started to treat it with peroxide and it started to get better, but not completely and just as I thought I should go and check it out, I couldn't leave work because someone was away on holidays.

    I think the doctor was a little surprised I waited that long too...I'm such a wimp when it comes to pain!!

    It's almost better today...really really bruised and swollen though. I think the bruising is from the freezing though. I just can't wait to get back to the gym... I need to exercise again!