My first cockroach encounter...

At 27 years of age, there is not much I haven't seen in life...well somewhat anyway. One of those things is a cockroach. I have never seen a cockroach before in my whole entire life.

I mean that's not really something that one wants to see really, and believe me I didn't want to see this charming little disgusting critter, but it happened..and I'm grossed out - yet slightly amazed.

Standing in the food court, of course taking forever to decide what I am getting (too many choices for my indecisive self). I decide on Chinese food but of course can't decide what to eat. As I am looking over the menu, which I should probably know off by heart by now, I happen to meet glance with none other than a cockroach. I gasped and jumped back, but I was amazed. It looked like this little cockroach was waving at me - I swear (Okay here comes the men in the white jackets now...). No seriously. It was like it was stuck on the metal counter top or something because it just kind of "stood" there within this little perimeter.

Now one might argue that I should have said something, heck maybe I still should, but I just couldn't bring myself to tell the manager that there was a little friend sitting on his counter. I didn't want to cause a scene. When they asked me what I would like I mumbled nothing and practically ran away.

You wanna know something weird? I couldn't stop thinking about this disgusting bug that I actually went back to see if it was still there later....and it was in the same spot! I don't even know what to think...other than I'm not eating at that restaurant anytime soon!

Special thanks to Carol for the cute little picture!

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  1. Unfortunately your email address is blocked and I couldn't find it here on your site as I had wanted to send you something you may have wanted to add to this post.

    Feel free to pop by and send me an email should you wish for me to send it on.

  2. OOh I will do that now...I re-vamped my menu bar and forgot to put my e-mail addy back up...oops! It's back up now ;)

  3. Thanks again for sending the pic!!