Makin' Martians...

After a visit from Baba and Dedo last weekend, Mason found himself $70 richer. Having just had a birthday party and Christmas it was hard to find something that he really wanted or needed. So he was given a wallet and instructed to keep his money safe and that if he saw something he wanted while we were out then he could spend some of his money.

The very next day, we went to good old Wal-Mart and Mason picked out a few toys (err...$40 worth of toys and DVDs). One of the toys he picked out was the Martian Matter playset from Hasbro.
Let me tell you, this thing was AWESOME. So much fun, not too much mess and not very complicated at of all no cooking - my kind of toy!! Then, as if all that wasn't awesome enough, it made the cutest little aliens. So together we spent the afternoon making aliens...spending lots and lots of time on these little things with detailing the flowers on the front of their spacesuit, giving them different colour antennas was GREAT!

Now the Martian Matter playset comes with a space ship with 3 airtight bubbles on the top. For some reason it didn't occur to me that this meant the little martians would shribble up to a horrible disfigured chip of plastic if you didn't put them in the bubbles - but apparently this was the case. We went from having beautiful aliens...
To a shribbled up old men alien. I wonder if this is any true representation of aliens...if we were ever invaded not to worry- leave them out of their pod for a day and they'll end up looking like this...I still haven't had the heart to tell the kid his alien army has been defeated by air :/

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  1. Nikki-I love reading your blog. I had to comment on this post because Sarah and Will have a Baba and Dedo also.

    I also loved your birthday posts for Mason they were so sweet.

    And while I'm at I loved the Disney trip posts as well. I wish I would have told you before you left about getting Masons hair cut at Magic Kingdom. There is a barber shop right on Main Street. It is really cheap and they do a great job. Maybe you can check it out when yall go back.

    Take Care-
    Dede (BBH)

  2. Thanks Dede! I want to go back to Disney soooo bad! I know we will go back again so I will definitely check that out!

    Too funny about the Baba and Dedo! My dad's family (not my real dad, but the dad I had the longest *lol* are all Macedonian, so even though I am not, I do understand a few little words here and there.

    Take care!