Just call him MISTER Mason...

Mason's fifth birthday is coming up this week, and I'm not quite sure why, but this year it's hitting me a little harder below the belt...wait I'm a girl, do we say that sort of stuff?

It just seems like five is just the age where I am no longer able to refer to him as a baby. At five he is completely potty trained, out of toddler clothes, not eating baby foods at all...I have no reason to go into the baby section of department stores anymore. At five he can recite the alphabet, spell his name, the word dog and even recognize a whole bunch of letters that actually matter. He still is working on Y and Z as well as a couple other letters we don't use much anyway ;)

He dresses himself (but still needs mommy's help with his zipper sometimes - that's a tough one!). He puts on his pyjamas and brushes his own teeth at night. He even gets himself food and can even open the packages on his own. He calls people on the phone all by himself and yesterday he even put on his own band-aid. Yes my kid, the one who is terrified of band-aids put one on all by himself (a finger wrap too...that's a tough one!).

Today he had a birthday party to go to and as soon as we got there he yelled "BYE MOM" as he ran off with his little friends...and with that I left him at a birthday party...for the very first time ever. *sniff* He didn't even look the least bit sad that I was leaving. He just ran off. Now as I sit here at the library wondering if I should check out this second Twilight book (the first one is borrowed), I just can't stop thinking about him and how much he has grown - especially this last year. It's just amazing.

So in a few days my 4-year-old will be a man...in his eyes anyway because he will always, always be my little baby to me.

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  1. It's always hard to beleive how fast they grow up. My oldest turned twelve in October and so it's hard to fathom that in five short years she will be graduating from HIGHSCHOOL.

    Treasure them always and yes he will always be your baby.