The Horror That Is My Couch!!

Impromptu living room sweep today due to the fact that my child has lost 2 markers from his new glow board. I'm pretty sure they don't sell these special glowy markers and if they do, I'm sure they are mighty expensive. I called him up at Granny's to interrogate him on the whereabouts of these markers. He mentioned the couch.

Now the couch is a big green monster. It is a sectional with a sofa bed and a recliner chair built in. It's a pain in the arse to move, even more a pain when you have to reach down into the couch to find things. *shudder*

My last clean-up of the couch area was probably mid-October. I've cleaned under the cushions, but it's never good enough because this couch eats things. I'm sure if I had a small dog that this couch would eat them whole.

One thing I never did before though was look under the reclining chair part. I just figured it was all contained under there...oh how I thought wrong! I had to rip the fabric under the recliner to get right in to find the following....

-The two missing glow markers!
-2 pencils
-$3 (woohoo!)
-2 cars (Lightning McQueen and King)
-1 pound of dirt (approximately)
-An empty (thank god) snail shell
-2 nail clippers (I know..??)
-1 broken crayon (orange)
-1 bottle of nail polish that I had never seen before in my entire life

This couch was passed down from my mom's boyfriend, but sadly enough I'm pretty sure most of the junk under this panel came from our house... except maybe the pencils, the nail polish and maybe one of the nail clippers.

I can't wait to get a new couch :/

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  1. I sure do hope your mom's boyfriend can explain the nail polish...LOL

  2. Oh I know!! He has 3 daughters so I'm thinking it belongs to one of them...I hope! ;)