Day 8: Home

Waking up at 6am, having to lug our luggage (hehe that's funny) back to the airport, seeing the same dorks we were on the plane with the first time, sitting across from crazy family with psycho-mama who went balistic when her grand baby hit her in the face by was a pretty uneventful trip though.

One thing we ran low on was gum. I gave Mason the last piece not taking into consideration that the child just cannot chew anything without swallowing it. Unfortunately he swallowed the last piece of gum before we could land and you guessed it, his ears popped. He started bawling and spazzing out asking if his ears were still on. He yelled out "I CAN'T HEAR" and "ARE MY EARS STILL THERE?" for the last 15 minutes of the flight. I'm sure everyone loved us...especially psycho-granny!

We arrived in Toronto to the pleasant -10 degree weather with no jackets, no winter boots, no hats, no sucked! We had to claim our baggage (something we didn't do on the way there because Disney did it for us - oh the luxuries). Then we had to go to customs...which even though I know I'm not doing anything wrong, always makes me nervous!! They had a man walking around with a dog sniffing everyone's butts. It was a little comical to see the dog dig his nose right in and lift up people's shirts. Mason thought it was pretty funny when the dog did that to him, but the dog skipped me for some reason. I showed the lady all our information, but she didn't really seem convinced that Mason was my child. All of a sudden she turned her attention from me on to him and started asking him questions *oh great*...ask the 5 year old who will tell you he lives in a house and not even know what country he's from all the questions. She just asked him where he went, who I was, what rides he liked...what colour underwear he was wearing...kidding! I really didn't expect that!

My aunt then picked us up and we went straight to an outlet store to shop for blow dryers and hair straighteners ?? and then it was back to Keswick to visit with everyone and the next day it was our trip back to London. Very exhausting, totally worth it!

I miss Disney! I miss the High-C Lemonade, the music, the lights, Mickey Mouse, Johnny Depp statues, people wearing hats and mitts in summer weather...I miss it all! I would totally go back in a heartbeat.

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