Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Characters of the Bus - #0001

Taking public transportation you see many wacky characters. I have decided I am going to document them from now on. You see, I am well towards my goal of no longer taking the bus, and as looserish as this sounds, I am going to miss it terribly - well most of the time anyway.

Tonight's character comes to us on the Hamilton Road bus route. Hamilton road is always a good bus to find some wackys (not nearly as good as the Dundas...but still up there...). 5:30pm, wack job comes on the bus and screams "I can't believe I got away with it...GANGSTA 4 LIFE!!!". After I held back my laughter, you know to avoid getting a "cap in mah azz", I had to stare. This guy was no bigger than me...I probably could have twisted him into a pretzel. Dressed fresh out of your run-of-the-mill department store and bobbing his head around like Pee Wee Herman - definitely not a GANGSTA.

For some reason I just don't think that true gangstas 4 life would take public transportation...not even in the winter.

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