The Birthday Invitation Dilemma...

I am here right now sitting on my couch just forcing my hand away from clicking on that darn Photoshop program. I think some Photoshop rehab might be in order here...seriously!

You see, Mason's 5th (yes the big 5) birthday is coming up in a few weeks. To celebrate such an event, a party at The Children's Museum has been booked and Mr. M. has been allowed to invite some little friends from daycare. The problem here is the invitations.

Every year I make my own invitations. I just love making an invitation to go along with the theme and plastering a big picture of my cute kid's head on it somewhere. The difference is this year, with him turning the BIG 5...I don't really know if it's appropriate anymore.

Times are changing, as sad as it is...and I just get the feeling that kids in his class would tease him for his cutesy invitation. They already tease him for not having a dad (which was totally unexpected at that age!) and having a speech problem.

Then I thought more into it...I spent hours looking for the perfect clip art castle on Saturday morning...I would say bordering on 3 hours...that's obsessive!!! I mean it's a freakin castle for a freakin invitation that somebody is just going to toss away anyways. I just don't have the time for this anymore.

So to put an end to my obsessive invitation dilemma I went out and bought Shrek invitations. SHREK!? What was I thinking? They were on sale (bonus), they mildly go along with the castle theme (yes) but they are old. Kids don't like Shrek anymore!! They like Transformers and other 80's kids shows that are making a comeback. Oh what do I know anyway....but then I remembered...Mason hates Shrek.

So now I sit here with my mouse pointed at Photoshop trying to think up some creative invitation garbage...wasting my the rest of my Sunday afternoon on birthday invitations when I already wasted the first half on re-runs of Jackass and fixing my menu bar...have you ever heard of something so crazy!?

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  1. I used to say girls would be easier to raise... but no more.

    They are the snittiest breed I've ever met.

    Heavens, you don't wear what they like...your banned from the group.

    Just remember you can't keep EVERYONE happy ALL the time.

    Hope you have fun at the children's museum.... great fun!!!

  2. Kids are so mean....and they are just getting meaner at a younger age now. It's sad really! :(