Birthday card tragedy

Wanna know why I can't find a decent birthday card for my son? Here's an example...
Left: selection for girls (I want!!)
Right: selection for boys (barf)
Really though?? Where are the cutesy 5 year old cards?? 5= senior citizen of pre-school
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  1. Cmon, tell me HE, and likely most of his friends, wouldn't like that ugly pirate one! I get a kick out of it!

  2. Ya never know...MAYBE he would like the hello kitty?!?

  3. I would love the hello kitty!!! That pirate head just creeps me! I saw a guy at the grocery store who looked just like that card. I should have taken a pic of him, thought I don't think that would be socially acceptable ;) I found a dump truck one that was kind of cute tonight but the line to pay was too long so I left it...I'll pick up one tomorrow at lunch or something...such a procrastinator!! I still haven't even bought him a game for his gameboy...he told me he didn't want that anymore and he wants a garbage truck instead >:(