Birthday Boy...

Mason's actual birthday was on Thursday and usually we would have a few people over and have some dinner and a little cake...unfortunately the weather wasn't very nice this year and everybody was busy so I decided to take him out for dinner instead. I let him pick a restaurant (bad decision on my part...) and he picked the restaurant with the greasiest food ever Archies.

As soon as we walked in Mr. Mason was telling the wait staff what to do...he explained it was his birthday and that they had to bring him out a cake and sing happy birthday to him. I could tell by the look on the server's face that he was out of luck on that one. Gotta love waiting on a demanding kid like that!

Now I better be careful in saying this, but our server had to have been 60 years old...another waitress same thing. I was pretty sure these people wouldn't be bringing that boy out a cake. To take his mind off of that, I decided to give him his gift before dinner arrived. It was his Nintendo DS..which didn't come with a game...or a card (because Mommy forgot it at home!)...but he was thrilled.

Much to my surprise, the staff came through and brought him out a plate of ice cream with a candle in the middle. Nice improvisation girls!! It was pretty funny to see the bunch of old ladies singing happy birthday at the request of a kid...I tried to explain to him that it wasn't very nice to be so demanding like which he replied "but it's my birthday!" What can you do, right?

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