The $4 Old Navy Jacket...

Two years ago I bought Mason a $4 winter jacket at Old Navy. I was lucky that he wore it all last winter. When this winter came around, I thought of getting him a new coat but this $4 jacket was in such good condition, even after a whole season of wearing it, that I just didn't feel the need.

Fast forward to this afternoon. I picked up Mason at daycare, zipped up his coat and off we went. Half way down the street I noticed his jacket was starting to unzip. I wondered if I actually did it up all the way or not and then did it up again. A few steps later, I looked back down and it was down again. Broken zipper...arrrgh!!

I had to take him to the mall to find a new winter jacket. I didn't want to spend a whole lot because a)This jacket was only $4 and it lasted 1.5 seasons...where am I going to find that deal again?? and b)I like to buy new winter jackets at the beginning of the's just my thing!

Where to find a cheap jacket? Wal-mart!! Did they have any?? No of course not!! :/ Next stop The Children's Place...$34.99 for a jacket that felt as thin as a garbage bag. Not likely. Feeling defeated, with nowhere else to turn, I went to The Bay where I found a $20 jacket and earned 950 HBC points on top of that (woohoo).

It's not my favourite jacket ever...light grey with "fur" around the hood...but at least the zipper stays up!

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  1. For next time, before you buy a new jacket... I went through this with Dalton and found out for a minimal fee you can have the puller upper replaced with out tearing out the whole zipper and sometimes that is all it takes.

    I think at most it may have been $7