You'll shoot your eye out!

Okay so you know how badly Ralphie wanted an official Red Ryder carbine-action-200-shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock and that thing that tells time?? Well this year I found a "Red Ryder BB Gun" I want to ask Santa for!

Of course I don't want a BB Gun! I would most definitely shoot my eye out. Not to mention I may injure some squirrels in the's just my luck...but I did come across a little piece of beauty tonight at the mall...

I drooled all over the display case until I caught a sales person's attention. I excitedly asked how much thinking a price in my head of how much I would ever spend on such beauty. When she told me the price I just about died!! It was double how much I would ever spend on myself...double that...but it was just so cute...I love Hello Kitty...LOVE. I wear a necklace just like this one right now (completely fake!!). I am just drawn to this...I want it SOOO bad.
Alas, there are more important things I should be spending $999.99 on...oh you food and rent...and bills. Unless the hydro company wants to buy me this as a present for being such a good customer...I would have to say I'm out.
"Oh just spoil yourself" said the clerk after I had stood there thinking about it for way too long.
Oh I totally would, but I don't think my family would appreciate being evicted or not having any food....but at least I would have some nice bling!
...I am working on my entire Christmas list to share with you's a little bit of a short notice, but you never know...the big guy may be able to squeeze something out just in time (right dad??) haha I kid!! ;)

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  1. Very cute!!!! Wait until January! I bet it goes down in price!!