Stay off the sidewalk!!

I drove a car today! A real car. It was crazy...and I didn't run over any people, animals or snow banks. I totally rocked that thing!!

I did however roll through a few stop signs and drive right through a railway crossing without looking but I'm working on that kind of stuff.
...and just because it was me, weird things happened. Yeah like a squeegee dude coming up to the window and wiping it, the whole time me shaking my head and waving my arms frantically. He comes up to the window for his loot after he's done and I didn't know how to roll down the window. The instructor rolled it down and gave him a quarter (all we had in the car) and the guy said "every little bit helps...well sometimes". Dude had some guts coming up to a student car with me behind the wheel.
...oh and then I drove to Mason's daycare on a busy street with traffic lights and everything...and nobody was ran over the whole time. Yaay me!

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  1. Good luck learning to drive. I'm sure you're doing just fine.