Day 2 (pt. 2): Magic Kingdom

Get ready for a splash!

After our Pooh ride, it was time for a snack. We used our meal plan to get a cookie and got in line for Dumbo. Unfortunately Dumbo was at a 30 minute wait...and as much as that ride is a classic, it is hardly worth a 30 minute wait, so I shoved Mason into one of the display Dumbos and took a quick picture. At least that way we could pretend we rode it...just in case we didn't get back to it.
Yeah....we rode Dumbo...really??

We then made our way over to Mickey's Toontown Fair and Mason and I RODE ON The Barnstormer of Goofy's Wiseacre Farm. What a cute little roller coaster and it looked so little and cute...and then the ride operator said "make sure you hold on to him really well" as we were about to take off. Hmm...maybe this wasn't such a cute ride...actually I was a little scared...why would she say that?? Needless to say nobody fell out...but I did hold on to him pretty well so who knows, maybe that warning was needed?
Waiting in line for Goofy's ride...right before I thought it was possible we may be thrown from the ride.

We then hopped on the "smelly train" for a short trip to Frontierland. Our mission was to ride Splash Mountain! We got ourselves some fast passes for a return later on (or when we got the urge to get wet as we were under the impression we would get soaked). While we were waiting for our fast pass time, we took a ride on Big Thunder Railroad. I really didn't know how Mason would feel about this as the ride was big, fast and loud but it was a train...a train!!! Once he found out it was a train he was all over that! The best way to describe this ride...YEEEHAW! I think the best part about it though was the entertainment in the line-up. They were playing some pretty rockin old Western music and Mason was gettin down and boogieing in line. I don't think he realized the crowd he attracted with his pretty awesome dancing, if he would have he would have been embarrassed...that's just like him but he dances like a fool when he thinks no one is watching. Go figure!
We explored Frontierland a little more with all the cute little Davey Crockett hats and toy guns...and Woody toys...oh the Woody toys were everywhere...but no slinky dog yet. I was so sure we would find one though! So after our Frontierland exploration, it was time to go back to Splash Mountain.

My aunt and I did not want to get all. We had read in our guide that people on the left side get wet while the people on the right side...wait maybe it was people on the wait it was left..but it could have been right? Yeah, we forgot the book!! We had no idea what side people get wet on. My aunt was riding behind us so she decided that staying in the middle was the trick to staying dry...until she got a partner. A little guy who didn't speak English very well but I'm very sure he was wondering why this lady was snuggling up so close to him when they had just met a minute before! She really didn't want to give up that spot. I was sure it was the left side that got wet so I made Mason sit there!! Now before you all boo me and throw tomatoes or something, just know child loves to get wet..just not on his face...and I was wearing jeans...JEANS. Do you know how long it takes to dry a pair of jeans??

Splash Mountain was of course awesome...Mason hated every minute of it. At this point he wasn't much of a fan of characters that have fangs or big teeth...foxes, bears, crocodiles...he just wasn't enjoying them at all. He doesn't like hills either...going down hills in a log doesn't do it for him...but he didn't cry and not a single one of us got wet...strange!

After that we were all pretty hungry so we had lunch at Pecos Bill Cafe. I ate the yummiest double cheeseburger (which I turned into just a cheeseburger since double just wasn't happening), fries and carrot cake. I think Mason had a salad...he's weird like that sometimes! Boy didn't know what he was missing though...I think that was the best cheeseburger and fries I had ate in a long time.

After lunch we met our first character...GOOFY!!!! I was surprised to hear that Mason actually knew who he was! I thought Mason would know more about Mickey and Buzz and Woody. In fact, I can't even recall a time that he actually saw Goofy in a movie or on TV.
Goofy and Nikki sittin' in a tree...

We then went on to Tomorrowland to test my driving skills at the Tomorrowland Indy Speedway. I was a little nervous because it really was just go-karts...but on a track...but still you could possibly hit people and things in front of you...I was especially worried about the poor people who stop you at the end. I had never driven a car at that point...and from the looks of the kids all around me, neither had they! I am pleased to report though that we did all survive and no feet were ran over....and no other cars were hit.

I think Tomorrowland is just the coolest place ever. They have the awesomest things, the awesomest rides, awesomest t-shirts and awesomest's just the awesomy awesomest....for real! Once there we grabbed us up some fast passes for Buzz Lightyear right away. This is a very popular ride and the line-up was about 50 minutes long so we did have a bit of a wait at this point...luckily our fast passes let us explore a bit more before we got to Buzz Lightyear.

There are a few rides grouped together in this little area: Buzz Lightyear, Stitch and Monster's Inc Laugh Floor. We decided to give Stitch a try while we waited for our Buzz Lightyear fast pass time...bad idea!! My aunt and I had both heard that the Stitch ride was just terrible...but how bad could it be really? There was nobody in the line-up...still I was optimistic. Then once we got into the ride and we were strapped down I realized exactly what was going was about to be freak-out city all up in this place! As soon as the lights went out, Mason screamed bloody murder..and it didn't stop. Unfortunate for him, I was strapped into the seat by my shoulders and there was no way fact, he was strapped in the same way...none of us could escape. It was so sad to hear him wailing in the dark...and you could just feel him shaking like crazy....bad bad experience.

The ride is suposed to simulate what it would be like if Stitch escaped and messed with you. They spray you with water and say he is spitting on you, the shoulder straps push down to simulate him jumping on you and a smelly gas smell and warm air comes out of your seat to simulate him burping on you. So as I'm trying to calm Mason down, my head is turned completely towards him...where my nostril fell right in front of the gas smell releaser thingy...and stitch burped right up my nose *gag*. Mason insists that he burped on his leg. I don't know how he remembers that though, he was completely hysterical. Actually, I had never seen him that scared in his whole life. It was a bad experience. Not only did it totally ruin him when it came to going on rides (he turned into a huge wimp) but his mood went from tolerable to downright nasty. Not to mention every time he saw stitch he ran away screaming (which he still does at home). I think he might even need some therapy for this!

A little after we left the ride we came across Stitch! I don't know what I was thinking, but I tried to make him get his autograph for his book. At first he was willing to do so...then when it was his turn he ran away screaming. I was left to deal with least we got his autograph...although Mason hates thatpage with a passion and I am pretty sure he even scowls at it when he looks through his autograph book.
Mama giving Stitch crap for scaring her little boy!

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