Day 2 (pt. 3): Magic Kingdom

So after the whole Stitch ordeal, we had to convince Mason to go on some more rides. We ended up at the Monster's Inc Laugh Floor. This is still a pretty new ride at Disney and we weren't really sure what to expect when Mason asked over and over if this was a scary ride or not.

He calmed down a little when the monsters started telling jokes. If you haven't been on this ride, it is pretty funny...but not really a ride actually. More like a theater show. It was pretty awesome though! Mason got put up on the big screen with the caption "likes to make scary faces"...unfortunately I didn't have my camera out so we missed catching this moment on camera. It was really cute! The monsters must have loved him because later on in the show they decided to interview him (which was probably a poor decision made by them...)

Monster: What is your name?
Mason: MasonHann (he says it all in one word...)
Monster: Where do you live?
Mason: A house.
Monster: Where is your house?
Mason: I don't know....
Monster: *blink* Okayyyy.... I've never been there before.

It was so cute! I wish I had video taped it. We liked that "ride" so much that I actually went and bought Mason a new t-shirt afterwards...all green with one big eye on the front and a back that says "I've got my eye on you!". Cute!

*drumroll please* It was then time to ride BUZZ LIGHTYEAR. Mason almost pooped his pants with excitement...okay figuratively, but still! He did have some residual fear from Stitch, but once he saw there were shooting guns..he was was all over this ride and it quickly became his favourite ride. The kid beat me by over 100,000 points?? How did he do that?! It was incredible...but I'm still wondering if perhaps my gun was broken?

We then went on the Carousel of Progress (or as Mason would probably call it...Carousel of snooze because that is what he did for the entire show). I don't know about you, but I am a huge fan of these rotating show-type rides. I mean Walt Disney was a genus to think of such a thing... I wish I had thought of it first...Not that high tech, but a classic still.

Commotion going on when we left the Carousel of Progress...who should it be?? BUZZ LIGHTYEAR. Mason was so excited. He told us that he was going to go right up to him and ask him if he could push his buttons. I had no problem with this, I thought he may be a little disappointed when he found out they didn't do anything...but hey, you gotta figure that kind of stuff out for yourself I guess...but guess what?? He chickened out!! There was no button pushing of any kind going on there. He just went up, got his autograph (which he didn't even sign by hand...he used a stamp!) and ran away after a high-five and a couple pictures. I think he was still suffering from the fear of stitch.

Another commotion (this is dumb, since when is there not a commotion at Disney??) and we came to find out that there was a stage show about to start...soooo we went. It turned out to be Mickey's Twas the Night Before Christmas. It seemed so odd to be sitting there in 23 degree weather watching a Christmas stage show. Listening to people sing carols and see Goofy dressed up as Santa while we wore our T-shirts and complained of the blaring sun in our eyes. Very cute show though! I especially loved Minnie Mouse singing Santa Baby. Now whenever I hear that song I think of Minnie...oh I would love to be you!

We had reservations at The Plaza Restaurant for 7:20 and we had some time to kill so we did a little shopping on Main Street USA...and then it happened. After about 10 hours of walking around, Mason complained that his feet hurt. So we ended up sitting on a bench for about an hour while he complained of his feet (you have to admit, we did do a lot of walking). We went for our reservations shortly after that. I ordered the chicken strawberry salad. I had never heard of such a thing, and to tell the truth it looked like the only appetizing thing on the menu to me (the menu consisted mostly of sandwiches and salads). It was sooooooooooo good! I especially loved the feta cheese they snuck in there...who would have thought that salad, strawberries, chicken and feta cheese would make such a lovely combination! Of course I had to have the banana split after that (how could I resist!?), which was in fact, the best banana split I can ever remember...but then again, I had probably eaten 2 banana splits in my whole life before that (this was my third!).

Mason got this totally awesome Mickey ice cream that he didn't stop talking about for the rest of the trip...not even kidding! I think he mentioned it the other day too...wanting me to make him one or something for dinner...yeah right!

After dinner, we waddled our big growing butts down Main Street to find our perch for SpectroMagic. We found a pretty decent spot right at the mouth of Main Street and we were pretty pleased...until the farting man came and sat down beside us...that was a real treat!

We noticed Pluto over signing autographs so we ran over for a quick visit. Mason got a few pictures with him and had him sign his book (since when can a dog sign an autograph book with a marker and Buzz Lightyear has to use a stamp??).
Now before I continue on, I should probably use this opportunity to explain our camera situation here....
Camera 1 - Digital Rebel XTi - Heavy, bulky, but takes beautiful pictures.
Camera 2 - Kodak point and shoot - Small, compact, takes crappy pictures (especially at night) but so simple to use for all those "need a camera...NOW" pictures.
Camera 3 - iPhone - Terrible pictures, but very reliable, always with me.
Camera 4 - Aunt's throwaway film camera....enough said!

So at this point, Camera 1 had lost power earlier in the afternoon when we were watching a show outside Cinderella's castle (I knew I should have charged it!!). Camera 2 was dying fast and Camera 3 was not the best choice for night any means! Camera 2 crapped out after about 2 floats into SpectroMagic and camera 3 was a very poor competitor for these pictures...but I did manage to scrape a few here we go (and I apologize for the crappiness of these!!)

This parade was so...magical. The lights, the was incredible!! I enjoyed every minute of it, and so did the people around us...or so I thought. As we were getting up to leave, I heard a woman who was sitting near us say "Well that was awful". The funny thing is...she was dead serious!!! I would just like to know what she sees in her everyday life that was more incredible than that...I mean awful??? Come on!!! Why did she even come to Disney then because obviously everything there by her standards would be awful!
Then after some crowd surfing and mosh-pitting to get out of there...we went back to the hotel for some much-needed rest!

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