Day 1 (pt.2): Animal Kingdom

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So we finished our ginormous meal and decided to check on the status of the room again - nope still not ready. At this point it was getting late, I was grumpy and tired and smelt of some sort of woolly mammoth but we did have 7 day park hopper passes soooo we decided to go to a park.

We did have our carry-on bags and my camera bag so we had to get rid of those first. We were able to leave them with the luggage people. I just kept thinking about my brand new laptop in my backpack and leaving it was really hard, and my mind did come back to it quite a bit but no need to worry, I am typing on it right now ;)
We decided to play a "bus lottery" if you will and catch the first shuttle that came along. Boy was I glad it was the Animal Kingdom bus! After all, I did smell like some sort of woolly mammoth, my teeth hadn't been brushed at all that day, barely any sleep and a brush hadn't met my head that day.

I think the trip to Animal Kingdom was the shortest from our hotel...which is both a good and bad thing. Good because of the short trip, bad because the thought did cross my mind that if the animals ever did escape from the kingdom, they could come eat us. Still nice not to have to travel far to one of the best parks of Disney (Magic Kingdom was my #1 pick, Animal Kingdom #2). The park is beautiful...stunning if you will. We made a very good choice to travel during the holiday season so we were greeted by a huge, beautiful Christmas tree as soon as we walked up.

Now one thing I should mention about Animal Kingdom is that they care very much about their animals, they care so much in fact that Mason's balloon that he was given at the hotel had to be checked in before we entered so it did not scare the animals. So we checked the balloon at the guest services building and off we went.

Animal Kingdom has amazing scenery, but another great thing is every path you walk down is pretty much surrounded by some sort of animal enclosure. Everywhere you turn there was some sort of strange creature to oooh and ahh over.

We decided to try out the Kilimanjaro Safaris. The wait time said 20 minutes, in all honestly we waited maybe 10. This ride was probably our favourite ride for the whole trip...and we did end up going back on it later in the week, it's just amazing. You get to see the live animals (which is funny because both my aunt and I had a discussion about if they were really real or not!). The tour guide was also really well...very animated and portrayed the role very well - plus he was pretty easy on the eyes too.

Then we made our way to Dinoland *cough-don't-like-dinoland-cough* which was pretty horrible. I'm sure it's a great place - but the people...omg it was like people flocked to Dinoland! Seriously, it was crazy-busy and hot. We did manage to ride the Triceratops Spin which is very similar to Dumbo only it was a triceratops. It was pretty fun, but I was totally ready to go back to our room to shower at this point.

We decided to stop in to watch Finding Nemo: The was great! My aunt and I both agreed that the actor who played Marlin looked just like Rick Moranis...I wish he would have rapped tho! ;)

It was time to call it a day but on our way out we ran into something very exciting...MICKEY!!! We stumbled upon the tail end of the parade at Animal Kingdom on our way out...from what we did see it was pretty spectacular...but it was time to check out and check into our room to get some well deserved teeth brushing and showering in.

As we were walking out, Mason started wailing about his balloon...we had completely forgotten but obviously Mason hadn't. We waited in line..what seemed like get his stinkin' balloon back.

Up Next: Was the room ready??

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