Day 2 (pt. 1): Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom is Magical

Did I mention how much I loved Animal Kingdom (even though I was stinky and grumpy) well times that by 3 and that is how much I loved the Magic Kingdom. I swear I just belong there...they could build me a little house there *ahem* castle *cough* and I would be as happy as a clam...just waltzing down Main Street USA with a little parasol and saying hello to all the shop keepers and balloon people (Seriously, how do those people not float away??).

The castle is absolutely beautiful and I would probably live there if I were allowed to....although I may have a problem with everybody walking through my doors all day, everyday and those shows...oh and the fireworks they blow out the side of the castle..those could get a little bit much to handle, but take all that stuff out of the picture and the castle is my dream home. As we were walking up to the castle in all its glory, they had a show on so we speed walked a bit to see what was going on. Just as we reached the show, they made an announcement that they were unable to continue and there would be a show later on that day. I figured Donald got diarrhea or biggie.

We were following a book (Birnbaum's Guides) mentioned that we should get a fast pass for Peter Pan's Flight as soon as we arrived. Well by the time we got to Peter Pan, the wait time was advertised to be only 10 minutes so we decided to wait it out (such rebels!). I was expecting some exciting ride where they strap you in and you fly over the world....meh not so much. It was a little boat that floats over scenes from the movie. Really cute...not so much excitement though. Mr. Scaredy-Pants (or Mr. SP) decided he was afraid of the crocodile (fair enough, he is a bit of a creeper) but it turned out to put a little bit of a scare into Mr. SP and Mr. SP from that point on was a little reluctant to ride any rides. Each ride began with the question "Is it scary?". am I supposed to know? I hadn't been there since I was 12 or 13...half of these rides were never even there. How did I end up with such a chicken baby?

So Mr. SP needed a calmer ride to get him back into the riding spirit. What is more calming than It's a Small World? Right? Quick question...can you resist singing that song when you go on that ride? I certainly can't. It's so darn catchy...and my child learned a new song from that ride...which turns out for some pretty awesome entertainment since he inherited his mom's singing skills but not so much her shyness. The ride was a ghost town...seriously we walked down the ridiculously long line area and straight onto the ride. Something tells me the line would never even get close to the end of that line area. I could say how great this ride is...but you probably already know...believe me not much has changed...and the fact that I took 5 billion pictures on this ride makes me think I will never forget it.

One more thing about this ride...have you ever really looked at the "people". They are the creepiest!! Their mouths actually move to the words. I didn't notice until we got close to the end of the was like one of those moments where you notice something is creepy and then you look around and all of a sudden there are a million creepy little singing "people" around that point I wanted out. I had enough of the song and the creepy singing "people".

So now that Mr. SP had calmed down and actually went on a ride that he liked, we decided to scare the pants off him and take him on Snow White's Scary Adventure. Okay we didn't really decide to scare him, that title is can a Snow White ride be scary...really? It really wasn't scary...just another one of those get in the little bumper car thingy and look at the scenes we recreated. I actually love these kinds of rides...but not so much when Mr. SP is whining the whole time because it's called Snow White's SCARY Adventure. It wasn't scary...honest!
( wasn't that scary!!)

(Not scary...and strange story but my aunt took the exact same picture when she went to Disney. I didn't know this until I got home and showed her the family must have a thing for witches with poisonous apples??)

Next ride we went to was The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh. Loved it! It was totally another one of those sit in the car thingy while we drive you through scenes...but Winnie the Pooh scenes are the best...just loved it! The ride did stop while we were getting on and they had "Tigger" announce that he likes "hoppin' not stoppin'" over and over...but we escaped the hunny pot and went on our merry old way into the Pooh souvenir shop which is where the ride drops you off.

Now I should probably mention here that we did not partake in the teacup ride. So if you are coming to this blog and reading this post in anticipation that I will mention the teacup ride...I am sorry. You see, Mason is a puker on spinny rides. When I thought of the teacups I just recalled the time we went to the fair and he yelled out "I'M GOING TO GO PUKE" on the spinny ride...we didn't want to do that today.

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