Day 1 (pt. 1): Disney World

Day One, Part One - November 28, 2008.
I guess I could very well start the story on November 27, 2008 when we left London to travel to my aunt's house for a sleepover, but it's really all kind of a blur to me now so I guess we will start at the beginning and we won't do one of those beginning before the beginning things.

I slept like a baby...and by a baby I mean I woke up...wide awake at 2am when my aunt woke me up. For some reason she thought we had to be up at 2am. I mean, I guess it was a good thing to wake up earlier, and I was moving at tortoise speed so it really was a blessing, but after 3 hours of sleep you can't very well expect me to move very quickly right?

We arrived at the airport at 4am sharp for our 7am flight. We did the whole check in fun that I was so worried about and I passed - yaay! I did get questioned about Mason's dad though and I had to prove that he had big deal. I was so scared they were going to ask for the long form birth certificate because guess what...I forgot it...but they didn't ask.

So then it was time for the boring wait, you know the one where you are tried and cranky and staring at people wondering what their "story" is the best way to pass the time. I didn't really see any interesting people, just noisy, excited kids at 5am...kind of irritating. One thing I did notice though, was the sick kid. Yes the sick kid with the runny nose/eyes, coughing up a lung or two, crying, sweaty...this kid was SICK. I mean I wouldn't have been taking this kid on a trip in that state...not even close to that state. Actually if Mason were that sick I probably would have taken him to the hospital thinking it was SARS or bird flu or something along those lines...and I am not exaggerating.

Now I'm really not the praying type for petty things, but I asked the big guy for a little favour...please don't let that family sit near us in a stuffy little airplane with recycled air. I definitely don't want any of us getting sick like that. I'm sure you guessed it by now...we boarded the plane and guess who sat RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. Sicko. Not only did Sicko get the joy of sitting in front of us, but sicko's mom and dad decided Sicko was going to ride on their lap the entire time and Sicko decided to stand on his mother and stare at us for the whole trip and cough on us, drool on us and snot on us. Then when I least expected it, Sicko took out his tainted soother and threw it in my lap....but thankfully after all that, nobody got sick...until we got home at least.

The flight was terrible. We took off 20 minutes late because they had to spray the ice off the wings - and the whole time I kept thinking of that Bugs Bunny Gremlin episode. I hate flying! My stomach felt like it had rocks in it because I was so nervous of flying and catching the plague but amazingly we ended up landing 40 minutes early. I don't know how that happened...but it did and then, with my luck, the doors got stuck shut on the plane so we ended up escaping the plane at the same time we would have landed anyway. I was secretly hoping they would blow up that big air slide thingy so we could just bounce out...didn't happen though :(

Florida is amazing...I totally want to live there when I'm old. There is just so much water...I can't believe it. I really dig the palm trees too. I just love the noise they make in the breeze. Not so sure I'd enjoy them as much in hurricane season, but they are awesome still.

We made our way to the Disney people and got put on a special Disney bus to take us to our resort. We were staying at the Disney's All-Star Sports resort and luckily we were the first ones to get picked up on the shuttle buses and the first ones to get dropped off. I felt a little weird because there was a sign above the driver that said, "gratuities are welcome for an excellent trip", and I kind of took that as if I don't tip this driver he is able to drive us into one of these huge alligator-filled lakes on the side of the road?

As badly as I wanted to stay at All-Star Movies, the whole shuttle bus situation made it totally worth it...the resort was still beautiful, even though I'm not much of a sports person, and getting seats on the bus was great, because they do like to pack people in those buses sometimes.

We got all checked in, however our room was not ready. This is where the annoyance set in. It was just too much after the plane ride with Sicko and the strange shuttle bus driver who likes his tips. I was annoyed beyond belief so do you know what I did?? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. This is Disney afterall. I wasn't going to go all Quiznos on this dude with all these happy people around, but it didn't solve the fact that I felt like a wooly mammoth who hadn't brushed her teeth in almost 24 hours and didn't have a shower in just as long...boy how I wish I hadn't packed my toothbrush in my suitcase before I went to my aunt's house. Somehow "finger toothbrushing" just doesn't work as well.

The resort was nice enough to give Mason a balloon though. Here's a balloon kid since your mom smells like a wooly mammoth. Since we weren't getting anywhere with the room and we were hungry, dirty and grumpy we decided to have our first meal.

We had gotten the meal plan so you get your meal, 1 dessert and a drink for your lunch. I decided to get the chicken meal was HUGE. Like ginormous portions of food. Ten chicken nuggets...10 huge chicken nuggets! Then fries, a huge pile of fries and the best "little" cheesecake I had ever eaten and the drink. I swear Mason and I could have shared that meal and still had leftovers. I just knew I was going to leave Florida about a billion pounds heavier.

Coming up...
Part Two - Going where I will be accepted - Animal Kingdom

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