Day 1 (pt. 3): Animal Kingdom

Was Our Room Ready?

It sure was!!! I can honestly say that in my whole 27 years of life, I had never been happier to see a shower. Even though it was your basic run-of-the-mill was like heaven to me. I probably stayed in that shower for an hour and the soaps...oh the soaps...little Mickey heads imprinted and the shampoo was even Mickey shampoo...actually come to think of it..there is a little Mickey in every little thing around there. I thought the soap was pretty I took some (shh don't tell). I don't think I'm ever going to use it..I just like the Mickey head in it.

The next thing I noticed about our room was the toilet. The toilet was like jet-powered or something...I swear. I hear NASA is close to there...maybe they fabricated some toilets for Disney or something because these things sounded like a rocket ship blasting off...only full of poo and stuff...eww. One thing I did notice though was how these jet-powered toilets didn't rid the toilet of toilet paper too well. It made me really think about just how much I was using because I knew if I used more than 3 squares it will stick to the side of the bowl because the jet powered water just couldn't handle that much was odd....really odd.

So after I felt human again, we decided to go and eat some dinner down at the food court in our resort (hehe I can rhyme!). I had the chicken penne, a cheesecake and a drink. I also decided to buy a refillable decision ever. Not only do I have a cool souvenir now...but I also got the chance to drink High C Pink Lemonade to my heart's desire...anytime...I wake up I have High C, I go to bed - I get High C first, I go to a park - bring a mug of High was like the theme of the trip. I'm sad to report they do not have this stuff in Canada...or at least in the stores that I shop in....and they most definitely do not have it in the fountain form so it will never be the same. If I go back to Disney it will be mostly for the High C...then Mickey. ;)

Mason choked on his dinner, started to cry and have a mini-meltdown so dinner was cut short. What solves all meltdowns better than an arcade eh? That's what we decided to do to avert disaster. Let me tell ya, this place was a rip-off with a capital R. I spent $10 (USD) on credits for this arcade and probably got 20 tickets. It wasn't fair. The fact that little Mason wanted a Buzz Lightyear stuffy kept me determined though and I soon realized this wasn't going to be a cheap alternative to a souvenir....but we were having fun. 20 tickets down, we now needed only 780 for the Buzz Lightyear. Ohhhh no!

Bed was a very welcoming place after that entire day. I don't remember exactly what time but I'm pretty sure this was one of our early to bed nights. I woke up very nicely at 5am by the sound of the jet-powered toilet next door. Fell asleep again pretty easily though. We were all awake at 7am when the alarm clock went off...guess we forgot to un-set it from the people before us...oh well we got an early start to the was time for THE MAGIC KINGDOM!!!!

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  1. Love the pics! Sorry the little guy had a meltdown..