Never underestimate the brain of a 4-year-old!!

So little guy is sick and Nana came to the rescue and had him for a sleepover last night. This worked out just great for me because I still had some "Santa" toys at Wal-mart on layaway because Mr. Nosey was with me when I found them at the store and I didn't want to chance not finding them again and couldn't bring them home either with Mr. Nosey in my cart asking a billion questions so layaway it was.

Well time is coming that I had to take them off (Friday) so I was starting to panic a could I get these big boxes home (Diego train set and Pat Pat Rocket) without Mr. Nosey finding out. Last night turned out to be the perfect time. By the time I got home, I was way too tired to wrap I got this brilliant idea to set up the Diego train set so when he wakes up on Christmas morning it will be right there all ready for play. That and I hate wrapping gifts's a hit or miss, sometimes I absolutely love it, BUT the wrapping paper I chose is so cheap and flimsy and I just knew these presents would cause me some wrapping grief so I decided to skip that step for the night.

I so sneakily hid the presents in the cold room downstairs (which is just off our laundry room). I said to my brother as I was going up the stairs that Mr. Nosey would NEVER find those presents in there. I had just tossed the precious packages on the floor of the cold room, right out in the open. You have to understand, Mason does not go downstairs very often. He rarely goes into the laundry room and I don't think he even knew the cold room existed.

Well tonight when he came home I was doing some laundry. I guess he missed me or something because he came to the laundry room door and was talking to me. I was so involved in fluff and fold mode that I didn't notice anything was up until I heard "MOM LOOK IT'S A DIEGO TRAIN SET". I thought he was joking until I saw the little creep in the cold room. He wasn't even home an plan totally failed. I still can't believe it.

So then I'm standing there...soapy and confused...I didn't know what to say. He's almost 5 years old, he's not had to be a good lie...the only thing I could come up with...your aunt brought those here to hide from your cousin....yeah...and IT WORKED. Disaster avoided. Still I'm a little disappointed. I know he's going to be happy either way, but part of me just knows that he will put two and two together and realize these were not from Santa.

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