Multi-taskin' Mommy!

If my desk wasn't such a horrendous mess (I have a toy chicken on my desk...not to mention a few other oddities right now...don't know how they got there or why...) I would take a picture. I have PC, laptop and printer all going full steam right now.

I'm working on these.... ..and this
...and my Avon orders.
Gahh I'm so busy!!!

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Hello..this is my blog. I bought this fancy theme and I don't know what to write here just yet. Maybe one day remind me I have to write something inspiring here?


  1. I didn't know you sell avon!! Cool! whats the link to your site? I will buy from you now! I have my stuffed shipped anyway, and I would love to support another blogger mommy!

  2. Oh thanks so much! The site is looove Avon stuff!