Day 4: Downtown Disney

Our trip downtown that day was only for one thing...FOOD!! We decided on Planet Hollywood for dinner that night...which was pretty exciting because it was so beautiful from the outside...and everybody raves about that place. Wasn't expecting them to take our picture on the way in (get carpet haha) and really wasn't expecting the tables to be so crammed in there.

I mean it was great, there was plenty to look at, but maybe this is just me getting old, but the middle-aged DJ in there just ended up being annoying. I mean he never shut up! As if that's not bad enough, he pulls out a video camera and starts video taping people eating and putting them up on the big screen. Made for a very uncomfortable dinner. By the time dessert came around I had just wanted to get out of there. So we got our dessert to go.

We were actually on Pleasure Island this time so it seemed like the bus to pick us up took a lot was actually just nice to get back to the hotel after such a long day.

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