Day 3: Epcot

Rain Rain Go Away...

The weather called for severe thunderstorms and rain that day, but that didn't stop the mounds of people from heading to Epcot. Epcot was crazy busy and it was about to crazy-rain...bad combination for sure.

Since we knew what was coming, we took in our first swim in the resort pool (well Mason did anyway, my aunt and I just hung around the side). I had my feet in while Mason pretended he was an alligator to some other family. They thought it was funny so I didn't bother to stop him.

Off to Epcot after that! A little off topic, but you know when you're like waiting for a bus and you see the same bus go by over and over...well that was every other day with the Epcot bus. It had started raining by this point, and every other bus came numerous times before the Epcot bus finally pulled up. Should have been an indication not to go that day!

Of all the parks, I think Epcot has the most amount of walking. The walk even from the shuttle bus stop is crazy-long! Luckily for us, it had stopped raining by the time we got there, and it was actually looking a little nice.

The first ride we came along to was Honey I Shrunk the Audience. As you all probably know, I (heart) Rick Moranis so this ride was way cool...I was excited. Unfortunately one member of our group was not (bet you can guess who!!). Mr. Grumpy decided he did not LIKE rides like this and threw a fit. I guess it did get a little scary for him later on in the ride, but it was fine...he was just acting like a baby.

We then went in to take a look at Nemo and his sea friends. There were some beautiful garden displays around this attraction featuring Nemo etc. so the tourist in me decided to make Mason stand beside some garden displays. We waited for another tourist family to leave and just as we were making our way up a group of people ran right in front of us - RUDE. Unfortunately the Rudersons did not speak a lick of English...I don't know what they were speaking. A nice American lady told them off with a little spice in her was great. They didn't understand anyway. So poo on you Rude family...I hope your pictures all came out blurry. We did manage to sneak in a side shot...really doesn't do the rest of the display justice though.

We thought we were pretty smart going in to see Nemo. The wait was really short...barely a wait at all. Of course Grumpy didn't want to participate in this ride...but he also didn't want to stay all by himself so I won that fight! It's a pretty neat enter on one of those crazy-fast moving sidewalks that Disney uses for a lot of their rides. You ride in a little sea shell and go around to all these Nemo scenes. Then we ended up looking into a real aquarium with was great! I think my favourite part though was taking pictures of all the fish afterwards. They have a great sea exhibit down's beautiful!

As we went to leave we came up to ground level to find the rain was pretty fierce. It was terrible! People's strollers and personal belongings were getting soaked. They had a rule that no strollers were allowed inside the buildings, but unfortunately the parking they had for the strollers was completely outdoors, no shelter at all. What's the best thing to do when it's raining...FOOD!

We went into The Land building and stopped in at Sunshine Seasons...which apparently everybody else and their brother decided to do. We used our food court credits and got some amazingly yummy food. I had chicken, potatoes and carrots..but they were super yummy...oh and of course I had to have carrot cake for would be rude not to eat dessert! ;)

Then we made our way to Soarin to get a fast pass. Unfortunately fast passes were a very long wait whereas the actual line-up couldn't take more than 50 minutes (as the sign said). Unfortunate for us, there was a malfunction at Soarin and the line ended up being an hour and a half long. Well no turning back, we waited. They had some pretty neat games in the line-up...kind of like a Wii thingy so the time went by pretty quickly...well sort of. This was officially our longest line-up of our whole trip. Soarin was mighty cool though. Putty from Seinfeld (you all know how much I love Seinfeld!!) was the host of the ride so that made it even cooler. Basically you're in a parasail thing floating up in the sky over trees, the ocean, fields...uhhh I forget where else but it was pretty cool anyway.

Next we went on Living with the Land. This turned out to be a pretty cool little ride. It starts off like many other Disney boat rides with trips through scenarios etc but then you end up in a lab and see how they grow vegetables etc...which as it turns out, they use in many of the restaurants at Epcot. It was nice to see that Disney cared a little about the environment, seeing as I didn't see one recycle bin the whole time I was there. Hmmf.

Then we decided to take a walk "around the world". We started off in Canada which was a bit of a joke. We skipped out on the O Canada! attraction because...well we live in Canada...and well...we didn't really want to think about going home yet so we skipped Canada town pretty quickly (although I'm sure you could get through it pretty quickly without hurrying...there really was nothing to it!). In fact, see the picture below to see all of consisted mostly of barrels and crates...Oh CANADA!! I can assure you the real Canada is nothing like that...throw in a moose and you're golden!

Next was United Kingdom which was very charming. The shops were adorable...and we stopped here to pick up one of those Epcot masks...unfortunately we didn't do much else with it after that point, but hey we got one! One neat thing about Epcot, the people who worked in each "country" were actually from that country. The guy in the UK toy shop had the cutest little accent. I'm a sucker for an accent though.

France was...forgettable. Seriously...did we even go there?

Morocco had the awesomest ice cream ever. Even though it started raining again by this point, we still stopped to enjoy the bestest-waffle-cone-that-only-cost-one-Disney-snack-point...ever!

Japan had the coolest buildings.

America was spectacular (of course...). They really put a lot of thought into they had a celebrity reading of Twas The Night Before Christmas that night (who else...but Mr. Peterman from Seinfeld!!). We skipped that little bit because apparently you had to have tickets? Who knew. Oh well. We weren't hungry though, but I bet they had some awesome food here.

Germany...Meh I kind of forget it. I think maybe this is where the little train village was...that was neat!

China...wait maybe it was China that had all the cool buildings??

Norway was pretty neat and a little bit scary. For the record, I am afraid of vikings. I did not really find this out until visiting "Norway". Vikings, I don't like you and your ride the Maelstrom was a little scary when it looked like we were going to go over that waterfall...not to mention the way you held us hostage at the end and tried to make us watch your movie...poo on you vikings.

Mexico had a really neat building...but it was getting really rainy by now...and Norway had worn us out.

That was it for Epcot. We had enough of the rain, the crowds and none of it really seemed too appealing for the grump. We stopped at one more ride though on the way out. RE-IMAGINED! Spaceship Earth which had a pretty cool idea with taking pictures of everyone on the ride and Photoshopping their head on cartoon bodies....neat. I now also know what that big Epcot bubble is hold Spaceship Earth of course!

Then it was back to the hotel where we had to find something to do that night...which actually turned out to be pretty awesome because we discovered the best thing ever....

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