Day 3: Downtown Disney

The Greatest Place on Earth

You know when you are around a bunch of kids too long (99% of which are not your own) and you just want to get away...what better way than to visit Downtown Disney! I loved Downtown Disney. There were no real rides there or anything, but they did have a couple things I like to do...EAT AND SHOP. That's what it's all about!

So up to this point we pretty much used our meal credits for quick service meals. We somehow thought this is how we had to eat...until we checked into it and discovered we had now used all of our quick service credits and had to eat sit down meals for the rest of our trip (oh boo hoo!). Downtown Disney had it covered though, lots of great restaurants, most of which would accept our dining plan (except Rainforest Cafe and T-Rex Cafe).

So we explored a few shops, I bought a surprise bag from Mickey's Mart for $6 which had some pretty nice little souvenirs (great value!). The stores here were just remarkable...they had everything!! As we were strolling, we found who else but SANTA!!! Mason went up and sat on his lap. The pictures are actually a little funny because in Canada you would never ever see Santa while wearing shorts!!

Then we had to pick somewhere to eat. We actually had a little trouble finding a place because we thought they would have restrictions on the more expensive restaurants with the dining plan. and it had to have openings I mean at this point we had already been turned away from The Rainforest Cafe and The T-Rex Cafe. We stopped at a little restaurant called...oh heck I can't remember now but pretty much the only thing on the menu was fish and chips. The smell of the restaurant and the sign that said "there may be bones in your fish" kind of turned me off right away. We did find a cute "little" pub next door called Raglan Road and decided to give them a try.
Ohh man the food was EXCELLENT. I had the 'Jus Chicken which was sooo yummy. I followed that up with a fruit plate with yogurt and honey dip. I figured after all this not-so-good-for-you desserts I got a little bit of a conscious and ate the fruits. I watched my aunt eat her yummy looking apple crumble and Mason go to town on his cookie/chocolate ice cream sundae and was a little bummed I didn't get something a little more...oh I don't know...chocolatey? The food was great and the atmosphere (Irish pub that played the Cranberries) was awesome. Plus this is on record, the first place I had ever seen automatic paper towel dispensers...ever! That's gotta mean something?

A quick stop at the Lego Store to pick up something my friend had asked me to find for her...unfortunately I couldn't find it...that place was packed. This my friends, is where Mason's Lego infatuation began. I can pinpoint it down to that faithful night (a night of firsts for us!).

It was getting late/cold so we went home after that. It was a great day!

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  1. Santa must have been in a air conditioned building to be able to survive with the heavy woolen suit on.

    Great pictures.

    I particularly love the one of Mason in the mouth of the fish.