Best Christmas memory..

I was just thinking of the best Christmas I have ever had. Warning: It's kind of corny!

I mean, I could think of some pretty decent Christmases. I remember when I was a little kid getting a rock with googly eyes glued on it in my stocking and thinking "wow...Santa really is real because this rock is home made!". That was a good Christmas.

Then the time when we had a Christmas Eve party at our house...complete with the "barfing bunny" gravy boat. I loved that thing! I remember all the people, everyone was happy and us kids got to open one gift. I remember opening a Beauty and the Beast board game...I also remember being so excited and not being able to sleep that night so I stayed up and played Beauty and the Beast all night! I think that was also the year that I got my "Nitendo" (aka Nintendo). There is this really funny video of me screaming at the top of my lungs I GOT NITENDO...sooo embarrassing...especially because I wasn't little...I was like 10 or something!

I think the best Christmas though was just a few years ago. It was a good/bad year for us...we found out we were having a baby that year (and he was due not even a month after Christmas!), R. went back to his chemo treatments and eventually went under a complete bone marrow transplant. The transplant had him in the hospital for 6 weeks...and guess when? Yep...just around Christmas. He was not supposed to be out in public because apparently you can catch just about anything when you are going through that treatment. For weeks I was alone. Most of the time I would waddle my big butt (8 months pregnant..hello!) to the hospital to visit because I really didn't have much else to do...and I missed having R. around so much.

Unfortunately, he was not due to be released from the hospital until New Years Day so we were told he was to stay there all day. Unfortunately I had already arranged for his family to come and have Christmas at our house so I had a lot of arrangements to make and I couldn't go back on my word, although I'm sure they would understand, it was just a big hassle to change everything at the last minute. I was not going to be able to see R. at all on Christmas because I was to go to my family's Christmas out of town that day.

The party was going great, the kids opened all their presents and everybody was having a great time. I got a little sad so I went to the washroom (which was all the way at the end of a really long hallway) to have a little feel-sorry-for-myself-bawl-fest. After that was over with I started walking down the hallway and I saw someone walking towards me...stupid me, didn't recognize at all but it was R. He got permission from his doctor to come home (but just for a few hours). I didn't recognize him because he had shaved his head overnight (his hair was starting to all fall out). It was the best Christmas gift ever...and I'm not a sappy person or anything like that, but it was exactly what I had hoped for.

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  1. awwww... that is not corny!! that is so sweet!!