You sit on a throne of lies...

Today I decided to brave the mall (again...we went yesterday too!) to get our traditional mall Santa picture. Unfortunately by the time we got there, Santa had packed up and went off to shove his face full of food court goodies so we had to wait a bit. Well seeing as we knew we had to be back for 3pm we decided to do a little shopping...not that I minded that part at all!

We made our way back to the Santa display at 2:50 just in time to be second in line and just before the whole pack of people made their way in the line. This whole pack of people I'm talking about were mostly angry elf's too if you know what I mean *wink* Where's the Christmas spirit? Oh yeah, I forgot standing in a line while a greedy little kid runs off his Christmas list for Star Wars toys and Lego is in fact not fun, and line butters...and close standers...don't get me started again!

I'm not sure what clock Santa goes by...but I'm pretty sure he wasn't looking at Ontario time, he must have forgotten to change his clock to Ontario time and was still in North Pole time...regardless, he was late. People were getting pissy. People were trying to walk up my rear end and Mason was starting to get a little...hyperactive. When I spotted the big guy walking towards the Santa display there was instant relief, finally we could get this over with...until Mason spotted him.

I will now allow Will Ferrell himself portray my son when he saw Santa in the mall...

Yes, it was the exact performance. My kid went all crazy-bus-person crazy once he saw Santa. Not to mention the fact that he kept waving at him yelling "HI SANTA" while he was trying to talk to this other kid.

When he finally got to go up to see Santa, he froze. I think he was in some sort of awe struck coma because he wouldn't budge until my interact receipt came out. Maybe it was the angry elf who was taking the money who had him distracted, but the little guy just wouldn't go on without me. Good thing too, because poor old Santa had a torn rotator cuff and needed me to lift my kid up on his lap.

I was very pleased with the picture...and Mason and Santa were even wearing the same about that! Later as we were walking through the mall, Mason very seriously looked at me and we had a little conversation that went like this:

Mason: "Mom....why was Santa's beard so smelly?"

Mom: " weirdo! Why did you smell his beard?"

Mason: "It was SO smelly"

Mom: *blank look*

Mason: "Yuck. It was so gross. My hands are dirty from it"

Mom: *blink* He was nice though.... *blink*

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