Trick or TREAT....

Halloween 2008 went off without a hitch....well other than me feeling like a pile of steamy poo for the whole day. It's hard to be Snow White when you're blowing your nose every 5 the costume didn't last long and adult Halloween time was out of the question, but like I said, everything went of without a rain, nobody peeing their pants...all went well.

I'm pretty sure Mason would have loved to ditch me though because I was slowing him down quite a bit...what with my stuffed up nose and huffing and puffing to keep up! He had fun though...and he got quite a bit of candy for really not going to many was all our charm I tell ya...everybody gave us hand fulls. Plus the fact that we are just too darn cute (yes WE!) ;).

Srsly though, it was a good night. My sister and I even managed to get scared by the scary wood man who was hiding behind a tree and we got some of that yummy hot chocolate from my old neighbour. Her house is a must-visit each year. Mason was so excited to go there this year that he walked right in *blush* Reminder for next year: We must go over trick-or-treat know, how we don't walk into a strangers house or bang on their door like an ogre...that would be nice.

As you can see...we still had a bit of snow left *grumble*
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I went a little crazy with the Halloween decorations on the house this year. Next not buy so many pumpkins. Nobody wanted to carve them and they all were pretty stinky by the time Halloween came around.
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A close-up of the "fantastic" make-up job I did on his little bat face. If you must really know, I was trying to cover up his scar from his little "incident" last week.
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Mason and Hayden waiting so patiently to go and get some candy for their moms
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Okay some of us weren't so patient.
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Check out the awesome wing span this kid had! Take that old lady who thought he was a you think mice have wing spans like that??
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Oh yes our traditional photo...
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  1. Adorable. The kids make it all worthwhile! Hope you feel better soon...
    kimi aka @latinasiangyrl

  2. Thank you! I'm feeling a lot better now :)


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