Those darn vampires!!!

**oops I accidentally drafted this's back now!**

I completely forgot that my doctor wanted me to get blood taken before my next appointment....which is next week. Luckily I happened to remember last night which gave me some time to mentally prepare for the dreaded taking of my blood....I am already low on blood stuff...I don't know why they need to keep taking it...I'm sure that doesn't was unfortunate that I forgot....also unfortunate that Mason had to come along for the trip. He doesn't fare well with needles and I had to explain to him over and over and over that he was not getting a needle, he just couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that it was me getting the needle this time, not him.

When we walked in the lab, we heard crying which sounded like a little baby crying, which turned out to be an older child, but still the cry was very "babyish". So Mason asked me if there were babies in there. At the time, I thought it was a baby so I told him there was a baby in that room, yes. A few minutes went by and he didn't say a word, and then he looked straight at me and said "Mom, can you get a boy one?". It took me a minute to realize what he was asking, if I would have had a drink in my mouth it probably would have come spraying out at that very minute. He thought this was the place you go to pick up a baby store or something. Oh innocence...I never want it to go away!
So after standing at the desk for a few minutes, the receptionist finally told me to take a number...which I thought was pretty odd since there was nobody else in the waiting room. Oh well, humour me, so I took the number. Literally the minute I sat on the seat she called my was like straight out of SNL I tell ya. I gave her my info and waited....about 2 minutes before the lady came out and called my name this time.
Mason came in the room with me and him being there was an excellent distraction....especially when his eyes got so wide after seeing the needle, I thought he was going to pass out, but luckily he didn't...he just watched, jaw dropped.
After that we went to the greatest store ever....
...and loaded up on that oh so yummy, and rare candy. I didn't even notice they had a British section until we were already leaving. I definitely have to go back and check that out! I also got the cutest lip gloss container ever. The lip gloss itself is gross and feels like sandpaper when you put it on (Avon is better - shameless plug). The container is so worth it though.... ...and then we saw the funniest signs ever on a variety store window with words like THIEF, BURGLAR, signs ever!!! I love those words...burglar is like my favourite word when I describe a bad guy...kind of like hamburglar. I wish I would have taken a picture of the "burglar" but I did get Robber and Thief pretty good!!
Then we went to the mall where we ran into an Elvis impersonator. I wasn't all that dazzled, he was the same one that was at my birthday get-together at the old person bar so I've seen his act before...actually Mason wasn't too impressed either. I guess it was kind of exciting though because how often do you see an Elvis impersonator in Sears...awesome. I wish I would have taken a pic...I just didn't want him to feel like a superstar. Don't let fame go to your head or to your blue suede shoes Elvis man.
Speaking of shoes, that was our mission. To find shoes for our trip. I so badly wanted a pair of black Mary-Jane Crocs...couldn't find them anywhere. In fact, finding any kind of Croc in November isn't a very easy task. Finally we left the mall and went over to the sports store where we hit the motherlode of Crocs...unfortunately only one pair was in Mason's size...and they were the Disney ones we wanted (he had them before but the strap broke!) and they were charging $34.99 still. Now that's BURGLARY (hehe)...but I did find a really comfy pair of Nike Celso flip flops thongs (hehe) for $10!! So Now I'll be stylin in these for our trip.

So then after Mason said he wanted to kill me....literally, my heart shattered and I lost all will to shop after that. I don't even remember why he said it, a whole other post really though so moving on...
After that incident, we went over to Winners where I found the Mickey Crocs for *drumroll please* $12 and they were the green ones he wanted (double bonus!!). Only problem...they are size 12/13...Mason wears 11 and I mean 11 but can still wear a 10 if he wants. So let's hope his feet grow before the trip! He seems to be able to walk in them very well but I don't know if it's such a good idea.
So footwear for the trip...DONE!! Exceeeeeeeeept...I think I want new runners!!
Moving on....

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