Snow fall hard, furnace go BOOM.

Last night as I was catching up on Grey's Anatomy (ummm...Izzy storyline...WHA?) and I heard the furnace click on (as it always does) and then click right back off. Strange but figured it was just getting some exercise in or something. Then it did it again, anxiety levels start rising, heart starts beating fast....what is going on?

Then I smelled it...the burny smell. Burny smell makes evilflu go into full-fledged panic. Burny smell makes her gather up her personal belongings that she would grab in a fire( ) and keep them in a place easily accessible in case of a fire. Burny smell also sets off frantic calls at 10:43pm (yes I even remember the exact time!) and calls to "furnace guy" to reassure me that my furnace won't turn my house into a fire pit.
Note to furnace dude - when you get frantic lady calling you at 10:43pm with panic in her voice - missing Grey's Anatomy and she anxiously asks you if her home will catch on fire - do NOT answer is possible, but not likely - NO HELP!!! 
So furnace man is no help at 10:43pm, furnace man promises to come between 1-5pm the next day. So in reality, my house could turn into a fireball how many times until then? You do the math. It sucked.
I woke up about 20 billion times, everytime the pathetic hunk of junk metal tried to turn over with that awful burny smell thinking this is it...we are all going to burn up in our beds. Only problem with furnace man coming between 1-5, it just happens that I cannot be home during 1-5. You see, I have to do something called work, you know where one wakes up, showers and dresses, gets whiny 4-year-old out of bed kicking and screaming and runs (never walks) to daycare and then makes it in the door for exactly 8:30...yeah that is what I do. It also happens that this is a week where 1) I had already left early the day before for a doctor's appointment and 2) We are short-staffed by one and I was the only person there until 4:30 everyday so me being gone would just cause havoc...not to mention everyone would miss me dearly.
So brother (waves fist...still mad at you) wouldn't come home from school early because he was going away right after school (waves fist...don't come home yet or I will punch you) and I had to outsource the duty to another person...Ashley. You are my hero darling, thank you so much!
Furnace man came, fixed the broken motor (yeah- no fireballs) and lectured my lovely guest on how I should change the filter more often in the furnace * filter was dirty*. When should I mention that I don't even know where to shove the stupid filter?

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