Santa is punishing me...

Confession time...

I hate Santa Claus with a passion. I guess I liked them a little when I was a kid, but now that I'm older I see just how phony they are. Why would I want to take my kid to a place where you stand outside for hours, have people all smooshed up against you and others fighting over that perfect spot to see "Santa" drive by after watching a bunch of stupid advertisements....bah humbug!

Honestly, I have never taken Mason to a Santa Claus parade...ever. He has been every year thanks to Ashley, but I have never went. I always feel pretty crappy afterwards for not taking him too, like I failed as a mother and I should have been there. This time is different though.

I anticipated that I would feel like crap for not taking him so I decided to go and meet them there. Mother Nature had other plans though. It was raining, now it's snowing..but get this, it's also thunder and lightning out. FORGET IT. So now I sit home and mope and hate Santa. You make me feel crappy every year and I hate there!!

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