Movie Night: Wall-E

Oh my friends, times have been rough in the evilflu house. You see, Mason (or Mr. Hyde) has decided that he has a mouth and a voice and that he is going to use it. Last week he said he was going to kill me, this week he wanted to strangle me (and he did hand motions...HAND MOTIONS!!). The problem is waking him up in the morning, do not wake a sleeping Mr. Hyde or he will go Mr. Hyde all over your head and threaten to strangle you (WITH HAND MOTIONS!!).

Now I know you all are going to be shaking your heads and wonder what I'm up to...but I decided the only way to get rid of Mr. Hyde was to bribe him. A good old bribe never hurt anybody, right? So knowing that Mason has the memory of an elephant, I decided to tell him last night before bed that if he woke up on time in the morning and got dressed without summoning his evil other half, then we could have a movie night and watch Wall-E together (which of course, stupid me had to go out to the store in 10 feet of snow - okay not really, but still!).

I know you're still shaking your heads...but hear me worked!!! Unfortunately by the time we got home and by the time I figured out how to work the DVD player, the movie had just started at it was a late night for Mason. Let's hope Mr. Hyde stays away tomorrow morning. I'm all out of bribes!

Oh yeah about the movie....

Wall-E:Very cute movie, loved the storyline but one of my peeves is movies with no dialogue. I mean people were talking, but I found myself pretty bored of the parts where the only words being used were "Wall-E" and "Eve". Mason loved it though and I kind of liked it, just the whole no-talking thing drives me crazy...remember Castaway?? ughhhhh!! Oh yeah, and am I the only one who got so sad...almost to the point of tears sometimes in this movie...I thought it was a little bit sad!

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