Just Albert and me...

Insomnia stinks.

Wake up time in 6 hours...know I need sleep...can't.

Only person to keep me company is Albert the mug and a nice steaming cup of....grape juice (yeah that's how I ride).

Nobody to talk to, nobody will listen.

Wearing glasses and taking pictures of myself in same...a rare occasion. Also wearing my super comfy pyjama pants...still in my shirt from today though.

Thinking: Why is my insomnia always linked to iTunes backing up my iPhone. Seriously? Second time this week and I wonder what pervy bus driver will say tomorrow.

Smelling: My new sparkly lip gloss. Why I put it on just to go to bed is beyond me.

Hoping: That tomorrow is good...and to fall asleep....now....no? ....now?

Hearing: Laptop hums...rabbit going crazy.

Wondering: If a laptop can overheat and burn down somebody's bed? How I can be comfortable in this position. If I had a chiropractor he would probably be a billionaire off my visits alone!

Going. To. Bed.

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