He really does need me!

Mason started a new session of speech therapy this morning. I went to the meeting as it was his first time meeting his new speech therapist and I thought things could get a little awkward. As it turns out, Mason didn't need me at all to feel comfortable with this new speech therapist, actually he was very excited and I think he is still feeling the effects of the Halloween candy because he was bouncing off the walls...and the table...and the floor...he was rowdy!

I find as he gets older he comes to me less and less to help him out with things. In fact just tonight he tried to wash his own hair, which actually turned out to be a huge mess, but my point is he just doesn't come to me anymore for little things like that, he feels invincible...and it scares me.

So just as I'm about to leave, he gets this look of horror on his face and wraps around my legs like a spider monkey telling me not to go. Unfortunately I had to be at work but he was wrapped around me and just wasn't letting up. I finally made him a deal, I would go outside with his class and wait until he started playing on the playground before I left. His eyes lit up like my neighbour's Christmas lights (that is a whole other post!). I could tell he was pondering something but I just didn't know what his plan was.

Little did I know, when the kids go outside they have to sit in a row and listen to the rules...each and every time. I guess that is effective...who knows. So just as he's about to join his little group, he pulls up this tricycle. This tricycle was different from every other tricycle on the play yard and by the looks of it, it was faster. Mason pulled it up beside me and said...

"Now you stay here and save this tricycle for me, okay Mom?"

My kid used me to hold his favourite bike!!! Can you believe that?! I honestly think he had it planned from the time I said I would stay until they went outside. So that was my first thought, but then I started to get a little scared. What if another kid beat him back to the tricycle and I had to fight a kid for it?? Should I let this kid take it and disappoint my kid or do I put up a fight or a temper tantrum...who knows the playground rules anyway?

Luckily nothing like that happened, Mason came racing back and said bye to me without even looking back. Well at least I felt needed for a minute there!

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  1. Heee heee... thats too cute!! Kids are hilarious! I say, take what you can get, mom!

    ps he is just an adorable little boy!