Every time I go back to visit my family I leave not knowing what I should do with my life. I moved out here 8 years ago because I love London so much. I just feel comfortable here and I was happy here before, it's where I want to be. Sometimes when I visit my family though I just feel defeated. I feel like I'm not strong enough to do this on my own and I need them. I go there feeling so big and proud and leave feeling like I've lost a battle because I'm sad to leave.

It's nothing anybody does or says, really not anybody's fault or anything, I just watch them and see how everybody interacts and sometimes I feel so isolated and I feel as though I have nothing in common. I always have a lot of fun, but these little surges of feeling different just makes me question what I have going on here.

I am hoping this feeling goes away once I start driving and can visit more often, but until then I really have to think about what is best for us.

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