Three cheers for...


Vest season is now upon us. I (heart) vest season! Vests are so forgiving and yet so comfy. I love vests. I'm wearing a sweater vest right now...not so comfy, actually it's kind of ugly because I can see the shirt I'm wearing underneath it through the material and I don't like that.

Anyway back to vest season...this (and Spring) is my favourite time of year. Not too hot and no snow. I love being cozy in my bed (but hate getting out of bed when it's too cold in the morning). I love pumpkins and blue skies and how the pumpkins look in contrast to the blue skys (that was an awesome day). I love scarecrows...and my new Thanksgiving wreath. I love seeing my breath in the morning and explaining to Mason every morning that the frost on the ground is not snow...much to his dismay.

So three cheers for vest season. I (heart) you vest season.

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