Stay off the sidewalks...

Okay you don't have to just yet, but coming up soon I will be a car. Isn't that so weird??

To say I am terrified would be an understatement...I have some serious driving anxiety and I have no idea why *ahem* (mom). I remember my dad trying to teach me how to drive a boat...I think it started there...I remember the whole experience was something like "okay now pull in OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING STOP ARE YOU STUPID OR SOMETHING?". I remember coming home stamping up the stairs all huffy...I didn't even want to drive that stupid boat. Each time I saw it at the bottom of the lake I smiled a little inside.

Face it, I hate vehicles...but seeing as my little guy is getting too big to get on the bus for free anymore, winter sucks around here and I'm sick of wading to daycare in hip-high snow and we would like to visit our family a little more, I think the time has come.

So I am taking driver's ed. Yes. I am 27 years old in a class of 16 years old. Let me tell you it's been an experience so far. Think back to high school...the passing notes in class, that high-pitched giggle and goofing off...yes I have sat and will be sitting beside those kind of people Saturday and Sunday from 9am -3:45pm...and they used to think I was cool..until I stopped giggling with I'm not cool....or maybe it's because I didn't shower today...who knows.

Oh yeah so there's me and them and then this guy who keeps talking about his 87 Lincoln (with my luck he will go home and google his pride and joy and come across my blog!). Everything out of his mouth ends with "my 87 Lincoln". You know that kind of person? Oh and he blasts "Low Rider" on his cellphone during breaks...I don't think any of these kids even know that song...actually I think he might be a kid...a really weird kid with an uber-old car.

I mean this is a class with finals and mid-terms and's insane!!

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