Photoshoot gone wrong...

If you have noticed on my Tuesday Toot list, one of the items was to do a photo shoot. Well today was as nice as any other day so off to my favourite little "photo park". Even though it is pretty heavily graffiti'd and there are some questionable items/people around, the lighting in this park just makes things a whole lot easier for me, especially in the early evening.

So we're walking around, taking pictures yatta yatta and I decide to switch lenses. Earlier this year I had bought a 50mm lens from Kijiji. I don't use it much, in fact it has been sitting on my night stand for a few months now (don't ask!). So I decided to throw this little baby on and take some pictures. It was going well, I was actually liking the lens (whereas before I wasn't too fond of it). Then I got the bright idea to have Mason pose on a log. He got all settled down, I went to focus...funny the camera won't focus with him on the log. I tried a few times, nothing. Then I tried focusing on something else...nope. Then I get the bright idea to look at the lens to see if it is jammed or something and the whole front was gone!!

I have no idea how it happened. Looking back through my pictures, I see they ended when I got a picture of him trying to climb a tree (which was horribly out of focus and "faded"). It was actually a strange fading over the picture, almost like a haze. I guess I should have noticed because the last few pictures were like that too.

I mean the whole entire glass is GONE. Luckily (or maybe not so luckily) I had taken the UV filter off because I thought it was the reason for the haziness in the pictures. Ooops guessed wrong, I guess it was the lens actually falling off. I went back through the grass but couldn't find it...but I did get some pretty cute pictures!

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