My poor baby...

This is the result you get of running a race with your hands in your pockets...

(This is 2 days later)
He's never had a face injury's so sad...and scary! Apparently we were having a race. I don't actually remember initiating a race, but he insists we were racing. Regardless, he made it to the destination before I did...and his face hit the ground. Could have been that his shoes were ridiculous for running a race, it may also have been the fact that he was running with his hands shoved deep in his pockets, either way he ended up in a puddle of blood. It didn't even look like his face hit the ground (I was behind him though) but when I saw the blood on the sidewalk I knew we were in trouble. My heart started racing even faster when I couldn't see his teeth in his mouth...but luckily they were just covered in all the blood...they were all still there and intact. 

Poor little guy got inside and washed up and as I gave him some ice to put on his lip, he looked up at me and said "I won the race". Nice one buddy. I hope his face heals quickly with no scars!

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  1. Oh my gosh.. I would have passed out. I am not good with blood. Poor kid would have been crying there with blood on his face trying to wake up mommy.

    Good for you keeping cool. And I've gotta say.. he's still adorable!

  2. Thank you!! I know what you mean about blood!! It's so much worse when it's your own kid's blood too!