evilflu's Halloween Countdown: Costume Recycling

Something we do each year I never really named, but from this point on I will refer to it as "costume recycling"....

If you send your child to daycare/school and their clothes come home ruined everyday raise your hand (okay not really, you may look silly doing that at your computer all by yourself!)...seriously though, Mason comes home constantly with markers, glue, sparkles and holes in his clothing. It's not the daycare's fault...he's just rough on his clothes.

Now imagine Halloween and your horror of having to send your child to daycare/school in his/her costume knowing that it could possibly be ruined before they even get to wear it out on the big night! This was always a big fear of mine so I usually just made up a silly little costume (like a hood with ears he already owned or something) to send him in for the daycare Halloween party.

Generally the daycare knows costumes are easily ruined and do not allow the child to wear them that long, but if you look around that classroom it is a jackpot of things that could potentially ruin the costume.

I came up with this plan a few years ago...buy large (but not too large) and wear the next year. I'm not saying to buy a costume that is 5 sizes too big, try 1-2 sizes, but make sure it is easy to walk in and pin up hems (or staple like I do -haha) if a potential tripping hazard is there. Now I know you probably buy large anyway to fit over the jacket etc...but I'm talking next-year large.

You may think it's crazy, but it actually works very well for us. Mason wears his good costume Halloween night...next year he wears it to the daycare party! He is always excited to bring out his old costume (this year it's a skunk) and it saves his good costume from being ruined. After that, if the costume is still in good condition you can always put it up on ebay or kijiji for someone else to use...hence costume recyling is born!
This year is going to be a little difficult though. We always buy our costume at Old Navy. Their costumes are not only adorable, they are also sooo warm and comfy PLUS if you buy them the week of their annual baby sale (20% off) you can walk out of there with a $20 high-quality costume. Unfortunately, Mason is in their biggest size this year (he's a bat) so next year we will probably move on to the "superhero" stage.
Anybody else have any good costume tips?

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