Countdown To Halloween: Giveaway!!

***Bumping up for the late readers! Only a few more days to enter!!***

Win a copy of Who Said Boo from!

Moving right along with our Halloween lucky winner will win a copy of Who Said Boo by Phyllis Root! Who Said Boo is hands down, our favourite Halloween book this year! Mason just loves lifting the flaps (and I gotta admit, each one made me laugh). It's a great little board book, great for kids of all ages (and adults with a good sense of humour too!).

In the book the cute little Dracula on the front cover is trying to figure out who said BOO. I won't give away the ending, but he ends up going into each room and finds a Halloween character doing some household activity (example: Witches doing stitches, Skeletons eating gelatin).

How to win:
All you have to do is come up with your own "scary character" rhyme. The winner will be chosen by three judges and the winner will receive the board's that easy! Add a comment to this post with your e-mail or a link to your blog so I know who you are ;)

You could write about mummies, spiders, bats, Frankenstein....use your imagination!
The winner will be chosen on October 21, 2008.

....or you can always check out Who Said Boo at!
Who Said Boo?: A Lift-the-Flap Book

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  1. I hope this is ok :) my son would love this book!!

    Taking a midnight walk looking for something tasty to drink. I see a female with long curly brown hair that may be my treat.

    She stands so still not even a breath escapes. I stalk toward her silent in the night, as my fangs elongate.

    Still she does not move or make a sound as I wrap my hand around her throat. Something seems amiss but as the hunger pains me I do not know.

    Sucking, sucking, as hard as I can. Where has the blood gone? It is then that I realize it's a mannequin!!

    LOL! Enjoy!
    Crystal Adkins

  2. Hi, Hope it's okay. I was looking at blogs from BBh and saw your post and thought it be cute to do this. Since baby is down for a few hours sleep. Heres my try at it lol...

    Little Spider in the corner of my room.
    Spinning your web. You know I am watching you.
    Beautiful dreams full of all these lies. I watch your web and feel my demise.
    Night turns into day and day turns into night. What a ugly creature you are spinning your web with delight.
    I know that if I touch you or shread your precious web that all that I'll some come to will be all that I do dread.
    I lay me weary head upon this old oak bed and dream what I will dream while you continue to spin your web.

    okay I'm a dork

  3. Maybe I am not getting this but I thought what you were looking for was a new verse for the book?

    Mine would be (since my daughter enjoys cooking and if it is something good it is a "yummy"):

    Mummies making Yummies.

    If it is a whole new poem, please let me know and I will try again.

    And we have posted to the contest -- even though we would probably prefer to win since we love children's books!

  4. Ok if it's just a verse then, I'll say Bats chasing black cats. Or bats eating gnats. Lord I don't know but if you like the poem better so be it LOL :)